Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring at Petersham Nurseries

It's spring in London, and although today has been a chilly, rainy, less than desirable day, there have been some gorgeous days along the way. One of the highlights of my spring in London this year was a "field trip" with friends to hook up with more friends in Richmond,  just on the outskirts of London.

After taking the District tube to its final stop, we alighted and started making our way along the Thames River towards the village of Petersham, our destination for the day.
We saw some incredible scenery along the way,

some as we walked on the hill above the riverbank,

and other views right along the river itself.

We weren't the only ones who thought the view was picturesque!

We eventually made our way to Petersham Nurseries, a gardening shop unlike any other which boasts beautiful plants to be sure,

but also showcases gifts, antiques

and housewares in glasshouses decorated

with table top chandeliers

and treasures from the local antique market. From the divine...

to the daily, there is something for everyone here.

You might decide to dine alfresco or in glass houses at the Teahouse, specializing in an Italian inspired buffet

which can be enjoyed among friends after a long stroll.

Or you can opt, as we did, to make reservations weeks in advance for the Petersham Nurseries Cafe, which received a Michelin star just a year ago. Although the chef at the time has moved on, the new chef Greg Malouf is garnering great praise for his delicious and creative meals using fresh produce from local farms.

The decor might be some of the most beautiful in all of London, and the rustic charm of dirt floors and antique tabletops enhance the unique meal that awaits you.

Can't think of a better way to spend a beautiful spring day than among friends in such a relaxed and inspiring setting.

Thankful for friends who are like flowers in the garden of life...


  1. What a delightful place and spending it with friends all the more special! xxoo

  2. Oh my how I loved reliving your beautiful day with your friends.
    These pictures of the Petersham Nurseries are wonderful. I can't think of a better way to spend a day.
    Aren't we blessed to have such days with our friends.
    Have a lovely week ahead

  3. Lovin that last shot....cute of everyone!