Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

Our neighborhood had its Fourth of July parade early this morning, and Little Miss Sunshine came over

to wave to the crowds in her Poppy's '56 T Bird.

The dogs came out for the fun

as so did the kids,

when they heard there was a promise of ice cream at the end of the parade.

Back home at the house, there were watermelon treats,

red and juicy,

putting smiles on faces.

Of course, there was some grillin'

by father and son.

Cousin time was fun,

and we're counting down the days until the new baby cousin Aiden makes his appearance!

This little fellow was a firecracker,

until we tried to take a cousins' photo,

and then his little heart was broken over it all.

He pondered it a bit,

thought about a backwards shot,

and then smiled his little grin to show who was in charge.

He's head over heels in love with 

his mama,

and thinks his daddy is pretty special too.

And there's no little girl who adores her daddy more than this sweet one.

Hope your Fourth of July was full of celebration!