Thursday, November 4, 2010

Emma Bridgewater-You're so fun!


A second stop on our field trip to Stoke on Trent was to the Emma Bridgewater factory. Emma Bridgewater is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, looking back to the year when Emma first started decorating mugs when she couldn't find a mug that had the look she was hoping to find. She is married to the illustrator, Matthew Rice, and although their business centers about pottery, they also work together to design glass, cutlery, textiles and stationery too.

The factory shop boasts specials and samples, and encourages you to fill your trolley

with loot. Her iconic look is the polka-dot.

And in her kitchen cafe, she even has a top of the line polka dot Aga range cooker, and you too, can have one for £10,000. Maybe you could ask Santa to bring you one??

Another popular style is the Black Toast pattern,

which is offered on many different items.

Also popular is the Union Jack, as well as the floral and bird patterns.

Personalized items can be ordered

or painted by you in their workshops.

One of the highlights of the day was lunch in the Emma Bridgewater cafe. I loved all the fun cutlery, but one look at the price made me realize it wouldn't be going home with me that day.

Good friends and family made the day even more fun

and there was a lot of shopping success that day. 
Lest hubby read this and assume these bags are all mine, I must hasten to say that only one bag out of four was mine, dear. And a word to the wise--the stores are all happy to ship!


  1. I love Emma Bridgewater products and I think I would go crazy if I was let loose in there! I must remember to visit there when I next visit Blighty!

    Best wishes and happy Friday,

  2. Fabulous finds indeed!!! I love those union jack mugs! Happy weekend to you, Debi! xxoo :)

  3. Hi Debi, thanks for showing us your fab day out. I never knew there was an Emma Bridgewater place. Mind you I do paint my own ceramics, at my friends shop !!

    I do have her Travel wallet with pink hearts on , passport holder and suitcase labels, which were bought for me this year... :-)

    Take care and have a great weekend.

  4. Santa could bring me some black toast any day!
    another fabulous friday's favorite :-)

  5. oh! I do love the "Black Toast" I would have one of every-thing in that range ~ even the name sounds gorgeous.