Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas at the Ritz

Time for a party, and this year my husband's company party was at the Ritz. Definitely a night for glitz!

You'd have a hard time finding anything more beautifully decorated than the Ritz in London. Trees, garlands, bows, gifts everywhere you turn. Two recurring motifs in the tree ornaments were tea pots and crowns--very fitting, I thought, and I would have loved to take one of those home with me.

We started out in the Marie Antoinette room for cocktail hour,

where the conversation and the guests were lively. One of Mike's colleagues from Scotland came in native attire. He explained to me that since a traditional kilt does not have pockets, they wear a sporran, the Scottish Gaelic equivalent of purse, his being made from seal's skin. 

And you wouldn't be properly fitted out without your knife tucked neatly into your socks. Good to know you're always protected when hanging with a man in a kilt.

Then it was on to one of the highlights of the year, a lovely dinner with good friends who really enjoy their job.

Here's a sneak panaroma into the beautiful scene that night as we enjoyed the carolers in the hall. You'll see smartly dressed guests who had gathered for afternoon tea amidst all the decorations. You'll find in the front the King's College Choir from Cambridge, composed of 16 young choristers and 14 choral scholars. The King's College Choir was first founded by Henry VI shortly after establishing the King's College in 1441. Their function is to sing in daily chapel services, and among many performances they do, they also sing on BBC each Christmas Eve. Since my clip did not feature the young boys, I've added another video clip from their website which showcases their beautiful young voices.
To see full screen, click twice. I think you'll enjoy hearing their beautiful voices this Christmas season and seeing the beauty of the chapel they call home. Enjoy!


  1. Though could not open the video (marked private), it looks like a fabulous once-in-a lifetime-party that would leave you dreaming of a fairytale time!!! Your whole experience would be simply amazing and fun! I love everything British so can't imagine a more terrific time especially when you can come home occasionally too! Have a wonderful holiday!!

  2. Hello Debi .. A fabulous party as Donna said a once in a lifetime party . Just look at the tree, how amazing, love the garlands and bows.

    Your husband's company obviously not hit by the recession as many have been! Or is the company not British?

    Donna made me laugh .. she loves everything British .. :-) .. Is America that bad? I am sure it isn't.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New year .. I hope that we can meet up one day .. if I come up to London.

  3. Next Christmas = Dad in a kilt instead of the co-worker. Put it on your calendars.


  4. This was so much fun!! Thanks so much for "inviting" us along on your lovely night out at the Ritz!
    PS Be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY!

  5. Debi...thank you! for bringing us along again this year...I love it. The best word I can think for it is FABULOUS. You and your hubby look great too. And I am guessing it is your son suggesting the kilt and I vote yes, if it matters. I hope you are having a lovely holiday and enjoying family on both sides of the pond. JOrdan's christmas dress is sweetly sophisticated. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  6. You look so glamorous Deb!! What a lovely treat "Christmas at the Ritz" and a chance to dress up. Thank you for thinking of us out here in blogger world.
    A very Blessed Christmas to you & your family at this special time of the year.

  7. Oh the life you lead, Debi K! Hal's office party was Happy Hour at Applebee's and the spouse's weren't invited!! Do I sound a tad jealous of your night at the Ritz?! Just a tad!

    You two look wonderful as always! Enjoyed the snow pictures of London on Facebook ... just beautiful!