Monday, March 26, 2012

It's back to Marrakech again!

I never would have guessed that I would return to Morocco within the year, after having such a wonderful time in November, but I had the opportunity to return with girlfriends from the American Women's Club and got to see a few different sides of Morocco that made my heart sing.

I thought I might not have anything new to say about this trip after I gushed wrote so much about Morocco in the fall, but I still have a couple more blog posts in me if you care to stick along. And if you care to read more, there are more posts at your fingertips that you can find with the search engine on my side bar.

This time, I was struck anew by the vibrancy of the colors of the area. As soon as we landed, we headed to the Majorelle gardens.

First set up by Jacques Majorelle in the 1920's and restored more recently by Yves. St. Laurent (whose ashes are buried here,) the gardens showcase an abundance of vegetation representing 5 continents.

The colors of the garden are what struck me,

as seen in this Moroccan design,

the camels at sunset,

and the Moorish ceilings of the Bahia Palace.

The city is painted with the oranges in the trees

and in the fruit vendors' carts,

the terra cottas of the doors,

and the many minarets of the mosques.

Beauty surrounded us at the Dar Moha restaurant where we stopped for lunch,

sampling the typical Moroccan salad spread,

and watching the turtle at our feet enjoy his own little salad.

We adored the colors of the roses in the pool at Richard Branson's resort, the Kasbah Tamadot. Someday I dream of coming back here.

Color was spilling over everywhere as we made our way

towards the souk (market,)

past the black magic shop where the women buy potions for their love life,

and in the tanner's shop as he dyed the leather to be made into a snazzy pair of red shoes.

Light and color everywhere you look

everywhere you turn,

surrounding you: a visual feast for the eyes.

Stick around: next time I post, you'll hear about our mule riding adventure into the mountains.

We're still laughing about that one!


  1. It's colorful in a fairy tale:)

    Life and travelling

  2. This is fabulous! It could be a commercial for going to Morocco. Your photos and text are so inviting and I love those roses on the pool. What a visual feast as you said. Thanks for taking us on this tour!

  3. All the photos are wonderful, but he last photo of you is outstanding! You should have it framed.

  4. Love that photo of you, Debi! And Marrakech is firmly on our list to visit. The colors are incredible. And I checked the prices on Sir Richard's beautiful resort. Hmm, that will have to be for a VERY special occasion!Thank you for the tour!