Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chatsworth-Chapter 2

After a little blogging break, I'm back to continue sharing with you some more insights about our rainy day trip to Chatsworth. 

If you remember, I mentioned in my last post that the current Duchess of Devonshire was strolling the public rooms that day, taking her own pictures of a very special exhibition that was taking place the day we visited.

Since the weather was so inclement outdoors and spoiled our garden strolls, we were excited

to know that The Florabundance Festival was in full bloom inside.

Masterful displays by floral designer, Jonathan Moseley,

enhanced the opulence

and beauty of the rooms.

A special emphasis was given to fall displays, including this assortment of peppers holding a multitude of blooms,

and the eggplant arrangement gracing this antique piece of furniture. The house was absolutely transformed, convincing us that our choice of days was not an unlucky one because of the rain, but a lucky one, to be able to see the beautiful floral works of art throughout the house.

One the way back to the train station, our taxi driver insisted we would enjoy a quick detour to the village of Edensor, within the parkland of the Chatsworth Estate. The village dates from 1830, when the 6th duke moved this village from another spot that was blocking the view from the house, to this location a bit further away.

Currently living in the vicarage of the village is the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, ever since the death of her husband, the 11th Duke of Devonshire. Deborah Cavendish is the youngest and last surviving of the infamous Mitford sisters, whose lives were so entwined with English culture.

I couldn't help but be reminded of the Downton Abbey fictitious character, Dowager Countess of Grantham, Maggie Smith, who also lives in her own home near the estate of her former home, Downton Abbey. 

We had time to tour the St. Peter's Church,

and the cemetery where many of the Cavendish family, the dukes of Devonshire and their family members, are buried.

Our taxi driver put on his "tour guide hat" to walk us through the church, the churchyard, and a spot he thought would be of special interest to us as Americans. Here lies the body of Kathleen Kennedy, sister of John F. Kennedy, who was married to William, the heir of the dukedom, but who was killed in action in the Second World War. Kathleen, herself, was killed in an air crash just 4 years after her husband's death, and the plaque in front of the headstone commemorates the day that President Kennedy visited his sister's grave just 5 months before his assassination.

A poignant walk through time that tied our American history to the history of this quaint village of Edensor.

If you make it to Chatsworth, I highly recommend a little detour of your own to this charming village.

Hope Chatsworth is on your bucket list too!


  1. i was thinking how lucky you were to have
    such a helpful driver, then i realized how
    lucky we are to have YOU!

  2. Well it's on my bucket list now!! Thank you, Debi!!

  3. Such a charming village and church. I love that blue that's trimming it in the last photo :)

  4. Beautiful floral arrangements and precious quaint village.

  5. Glad you enjoyed Florabundance and hope you visit again in May 2014 and follow my flower events on Jonathan-Moseley.com
    Regards Jonathan

  6. Glad you enjoyed Florabundance and hope you visit again in May 2014 and follow my flower events on Jonathan-Moseley.com
    Regards Jonathan