Monday, January 7, 2013

New Beginnings

Happy New Year to everyone! I've enjoyed reading your comments and blogs over the holidays, but I've been pretty silent here, as I process what this new year holds. My husband is starting a new job today, based here in Houston, so the dual life we've been living for 5 years with his previous job that took us back and forth between London and Houston, has now come to a close. All good things must come to an end, I suppose.

But I'm excited that this does mean more time here in Houston with my family and friends, and perhaps more adventures traveling to new and exciting places. For the next 6 months, however, and until my London based son and daughter-in-law also move back to Houston sometime this summer, I've going to be taking advantage of my "bedroom" there in England, and traveling back and forth to be with them and to see friends.

London will always be in my heart, and the memories and the friendships that we've made there will be cherished forever. What to do about the blog now, I've pondered. Since I know I've still got some London blog material that I haven't shared yet, and since I know I'll be traveling back and forth for some time to come, you'll still find me writing here for a bit longer. There will be time for a decision about going forward after this season of time.

So how about a bit of change of pace for today? We recently went to New York for a short trip, and I enjoyed a few places that I thought I would share with you, that may or may not be on your radar.

Have you been to Eataly?

You can find Eataly on 5th Ave. between 23rd and 24th.

If you fancy Italian products and quality food, then Eataly is the place for you, a huge market featuring the best Italy has to offer,

where you can spend a couple of hours shopping, as well as eating.  

The selection of cheeses

are abundant, and the staff is quite helpful as you try to narrow down your choices.

Chocolates, gelato,

and Italian pastries will make it hard to keep those good New Year's Resolutions.

If you are in the mood for a panini,

or a selection of focaccia

and fresh breads, then Eataly should be on your list.

Pasta in all shapes and sizes, both dried

and fresh, make for a yummy dinner if you're cooking that night.

Oils and vinegars from all regions of Italy, as well as other condiments, will enhance your dinner preparations

or you may decide to eat in house where there are close to a dozen restaurants and cafes

serving everything from pizza, pastas, coffee, paninis, gelato, charcuterie and desserts, as well as several fine dining restaurants where you should make advance reservations. 

It's on our list for our return trip and I highly recommend it as a mecca of Italian food and products, unlike anything I've seen outside of Italy.

I've been to Fishs Eddy before, located diagonally from ABC Carpet and Home, but this time it seemed even more fun and whimsical.

Good prices on all sorts of crockery and glassware

if you like digging a bit!

There's something here for everyone, I would imagine, from these cow creamers

to fancy cake stands.

How fun are all these glasses!

Plenty of white dishes in the Shape Shack

and you might find grandmother's china if you get lucky enough.

I'll wave good bye for now, and come back soon with another place that we found on our last NY trip, that might interest you as well. Until then, Happy Shopping!


  1. I believe you will always be a blogger, my friend, because you love to travel and obviously have a gift of sharing what you find along the way. I've never heard of Fishs Eddy so I'll have to check that out on my next trip to the City. Looks fun! Looks like something you would feature on a British post.

    See you soon :)

  2. I would happily read about any of your adventures here or abroad as you are the best tour guide ever! I selfishly hope you will keep your blog. I bet you are super excited about being close to your grand kids and kids again. London and NYC are two of my fave cities - how wonderful that you've been able to spend time in both cities. We are planning our London/Barcelona trip for late April since we had to postpone last year. I'm getting excited! Enjoy each moment wherever you are! Love to you and your family, Debi! xxoo

  3. I don't care if you go to a grocery store in Houston and blog about it - I love reading your posts. I can 'hear' your voice as i read and it is like you are reading me a story. Blog away, my Friend. You will always have a story to tell and an audience to share it with.

  4. Hi Debi, you and your husband have had 5 fabulous years in London, and seen soo many places, not just in england but in Europe too..

    I love this post , I miss Italy, but wow , such brilliant shops, just my sort to peruse about :-) Lunch and shop, what more does a girl want.

    Good luck and best wishes with your move, but as you say you have a "bed" still in London xx

  5. Good morning my dear! Yes, all things must come to a close, and I sure am experiencing that right now. Oh dear, LONDON LOOKS LIKE SUCH A SUPER PLACE! Your memories are precious, this experience is valuable and will be fodder for a book? TRY IT!!

    Thank you for your kind comments on my dress. It was certainly a month's worth of work!! Anita

  6. Your Tale of Two Cities can continue... you will travel to lots of cities in the future.

    I always enjoy your view on life~

  7. Oh honey you have to keep writing and sharing yor travels how else will I see and experience these lovely places if not through your eyes.
    First thing I thought of when I read your news was your son in London. So happy you can still visit with him often.
    You will find new adventures so keep blogging.
    Look at how boring my life is yet I still keep trying to blog. Lol

  8. Congratulations to your husband on his new job.
    I do not foresee any problem if you continue on this blog. Things change and we move on, but it will always be part of your history.
    Look forward to more dual posts until the time comes when you finally leave the UK behind.

  9. So happy to hear about Mike's new job. Hope you continue with your blog. I loved Fish's Eddy.