Sunday, February 3, 2013

Say Cheese?

What's a good blog without a few family photos thrown in from time to time for good measure? Indulge me, please, it's been awhile. Late fall, my son and his family spent a day at the park where a friend accompanied them to shoot some photos.

Jordan gave Jackson some good tips about best angles and winning smiles.

They got some great family shots that will go down in time as family keepsakes.

The day started off in grand style,

and even though there were a few melt-downs along the way,

the kids had a great time


and posing for the camera.

And since half of our family is still living in London, I'll include a Christmas family photo (yes, no need for coats at Christmas time in Houston, folks) including my other son and his wife.

Their big news is that they'll be moving back to Houston this summer, after 3 years of adventures in London. Jordan and Jackson are over the moon at the thought of them being here full time to join in the fun.

Thankful every day for the joy we share....


  1. I LOVE these sweet photos. The one of Jackson alone looks so much like Ryan.

  2. Such cute photos Debi .. so everyone will be back in Houston .. that will be great for all the family :-)

    Thank you for your lovely comments .. especially the one about the "best tour guide of Oxford" made my day :-) take care Anne

  3. So thankful you have these beautiful pictures to capture that joy! A beautiful family in every possible way.

  4. Hello, dear Debi! These are such wonderful family photos. And your grand children get cuter every time I see them. Jackson is so big already! Just charming.

    Hope you are well and have a great week ahead.


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