Monday, March 25, 2013

Postcards from Malta

March brought with it an excursion to the island of Malta with the London gals. Situated in a highly strategic location between Libya and Sicily, Malta is actually made up of 7 islands, which have experienced a long and colorful history.

With a stunningly beautiful coastline,

and the impressive harbors of the city,

Malta has seen a succession of powers ruling from prehistoric times until their declaration of independence from the British in 1964.

The Maltese people are a reflection of this mix of cultures.

Some of the most fascinating sightseeing we did revolved around the mysterious remains of the temples of the Megalithic period.

Malta was evidently a sacred island and a center of worship and mystic practices.

One of our visits was to the Hypogeum, an outstanding underground feat of engineering from prehistoric times with the only underground temple and burial place of its kind in the world.

The Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, or Knights of Malta, as they are often called,  occupied the island from 1530-1798, and after fighting off the Turks, they left their mark on the island

by building huge fortifications, harbors, 

and baroque palaces and churches.

One afternoon, we made out way to the fishing village of Marsaxlokk

where we selected our fish for lunch and had it prepared for us while we waited. Couldn't have been any fresher.

And what's a girls' trip without treats, and here we are enjoying  some pastizii, 

a local delicacy which is a pastry filled with ricotta cheese or peas.

Hmmm.....cheese for me please!

More slices of life from our Malta adventure coming up....


  1. Great post! Love the pictures and the history!

  2. Looks like it was another great adventure. Your travels keep adding destinations to my bucket list :)

  3. Your pics are stunning
    and your travel stories are fascinating.

  4. Wow how lucky you are :-) .. I was thinking today that I must get back to Malta sometime soon. This is where my father was born and his family are from. Sadly they have all passed , but I do have a second cousin and his wife living there .

  5. It looks like this was such a fun trip but I think you could have used a bit more sun!!

  6. Hi Debi,

    I've never been so this was a treat to share this adventure with you. Looks like there is a lot to see and do!

    Wonderful as always.


  7. I posted on Malta today too... what a great trip! Thank you for letting me share in the fun.

  8. Your pictures are always amazing, Deb! This trip looks fantastic too but I am most emamoured of the blue, blue water! It looks mezmerizing!! You and your friends find the best spots in the world!!!

  9. Big clear pictures...even with cloudy skies! Loved sharing the trip with you and looking forward to our next adventure.

  10. That second picture is breathtaking. Love reading of your adventures, as always. :)