Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fallen in Love

On one of my last weeks in London, I enjoyed spending time with friends and retracing some of the steps I've taken through the city so many times. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon when a couple of friends and I

headed to the Tower of London for a stroll and to see a play we had heard was playing inside the Tower Green.

With a little time to spare, we headed to St. Katharine's Docks to get a peek of the boats, and were pleased to see that the Gloriana was there.

The Gloriana was commissioned to carry the Queen as the lead barge

in last year's Diamond Jubilee

celebrations for the Queen's anniversary of 60 years on the throne.

Such beautiful gilding shining on the sun filled day.

There are many historic boats docked there as well, making for an interesting stroll, especially being so close to the Tower of London.

No outing is complete without lunch, so we opted to eat at The Dickens Inn with its waterside views of the docks. The Dickens Inn is a reconstructed warehouse building which existed at the turn of the 18th century. The grandson of Charles Dickens later opened the former warehouse as an inn in 1976.

Rushing from lunch to the main event, we entered the Tower of London

for the play Fallen In Love, which focuses on the relationship of Anne Boleyn and her brother, George, who was convicted of incest with his sister during her trial for high treason.

Just a quick photo before the show began shows you how intimate the setting was. 

The characters gave fascinating portrayals of two complex characters and gave you food for thought about their culpability.

When the play was over, it was almost closing time at the Tower, so we decided to take a quick swing to see the Jewels

before heading back outside to view the memorial to those whose executions were associated with the Tower. It is located on the approximate site of the scaffolding and chopping block of the executions. A somber place for contemplation.

More details and a video trailer of Fallen In Love can be found here.


  1. Debi? Are you leaving London? Maybe I misunderstood your "one of my last trips in London...retracing my steps" comment. Just curious/nosey. I really am always drawn to the Tower of London. I have been 3 times and would go again if we should ever return to London. The first time I went (2001) I took a picture with a Beefeater who chatted with my about having been stationed in Texas during the Gulf War....then in 2009 I am taking another picture with a Beefeater and he hears I am from Texas and says the same thing...lo and behold it was the exact same gentleman. As always thank you for the tour.

  2. I loved my visit to the Tower of London. So full of history and still so alive. There was a wedding taking place when I was there.