Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stepping back in time to Lacock

After seeing Stonehenge, we drove a short distance further to the picturesque village of Lacock. It was like stepping back in time to see this beautifully preserved town, which once was a thriving town during the peak of the wool trading days from the 14th-18th century.

Managed today by the National Trust,  the village has been the location for many films, since it provides such an authentic backdrop for period pieces. The National Trust has taken great care to preserve the town, and interestingly enough, television is piped into Lacock from a well-hidden aerial on a near-by hillside, to avoid seeing aerials and wires in the town.

We loved strolling through the streets, and imagining ourselves as characters in Pride and Prejudice, or in Emma, which were both filmed there. (Well, maybe I should clarify that--Mike was not doing any imagining of course, but I was, along with my friend, Cathy who was with us that day.)

After the peak of the wool trade, Lacock remained important as a staging post, and the city was left out of the Industrial Revolution, because the Talbot family who owned the village at the time, made sure that the railway lines never came near the village.

Fascinating as well, was the tithe barn which dated from the 14th century. Originally attached to the Lacock Abbey, the tithe barn would hold a tenth of each farmer's crops which were donated to the church.

Located in the center of the town, was the church of St. Cyriac which was rebuilt in the 15th century.

This black and white timbered house from the 15th century was originally a wool merchant's house, but today is the locale of the Sign of the Angel inn.

By this time of the day, we were hungry and decided to dine there and take our chances with the "resident ghost" as listed on the sign outside the door.

It was full of character inside--old beams, low ceilings, walls that were a bit crooked, but alas, no signs of ghosts. Just a good hearty lunch in front of the fireplace.

Before leaving town, we visited the Lacock Abbey. Stay tuned for its story, especially all you Harry Potter fans. I think you just might see something you've seen before!

Many thanks to Jenny at Pleasant Places for her kind words about my blog. Stop by her blog if you have a chance. She's such a great story teller about her own travels with her cute family. I love reading about her journeys!


  1. Bonjour Debi,
    Lacock looks so beautiful, like stepping back in time. I love little villages like this, you are a marvelous tour guide.
    Jenny is such a sweet person, she is so full of enthusiasm when telling baout her family's European adventures.

  2. Hello Debi..Your photos are so good. Lacock is now on my list of must dos. I love touring new places even vicariously. I know the girls would love it. Thank you dearly for the mention in your blog. Mimi above is very kind too. And your inspiration flag is wonderful. Great images and colors. Would you mind me posting it on my sidebar with a link to your blog? Is that bad form for me to ask that? Happy blogging.