Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let's Hear it for Great-grandmothers!

First there was Paul Potts, then Susan Boyle, and now there is Janey Cutler, the latest singing sensation on Britain's Got Talent.  I think you'll enjoy her recent debut on the show. Let's hear it for great-grandmothers! 


  1. Great Grandmothers are amazing!!! That brought tears to my eyes!!

  2. wow...you never be too old for your dreams...this shows me here again on this wonderful lady...so great and so real...thanks for sharing...and be here with us...;)...cheers and hugs...i...

  3. wow, her low notes were gorgeous!

    i occasionally sing duets with an 83
    year old in my church. her voice is
    still as pure and lovely as a young

    it amazes me.

    thank you for sharing this wonderful
    lady with us. i far prefer britain's
    talent show to ours.

  4. Susanne BacchettaMay 12, 2010 at 9:26 PM

    Wow!! Really enjoyed that!! Amazing and what a surprise. (I love Surprises!)
    She was wonderful!!
    Susanne- USA

  5. Oh wow Debi, I have got goosebumps! What an amazing lady and yes, she is has such a powerful voice.

    I would love it if you could link this up to my Sunday Song post on Sunday! It's brilliant!

    Best wishes,

  6. If you wanted tears, you got 'em.

    I checked on Mr. Henderson's book. They do not carry it at our local store but they have ordered it for me. This is the sort of history that you do not hear much about.