Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Royal Invitation to Hampton Court

Our second "royal" invitation this week was for dinner at the 16th century Hampton Court.

Although some came by coach, our mode of transportation to Henry VIII's palace was by car. Just a short drive outside the city, we reached Hampton Court just shy of an hour, a much quicker trip than the boat ride up the Thames River that Henry VIII would take from Whitehall to Hampton when he headed to his palace.

Knights stood nearby ready to do our bidding, along with jesters and musicians.

After a lovely hour of drinks and appetizers in the courtyard, dinner was held in the Great Hall, built in 1532, and richly decorated with pendants, royal arms, stained glass windows and a hammer-beam roof.

Many very important guests were there, including King Henry VIII himself with his wife Katherine Parr, and

Sir Thomas More, the Lord Chancellor to Henry VII. But probably the biggest celebrities of the night were the after dinner entertainment.

Where were you in the 80's when these guys were "Hungry Like the Wolf?" That's right, an up close and personal concert by Duran, Duran. And close as we were to the band, we weren't the ones you'll see dancing at their feet. Well, maybe tapping our toes and swaying a bit, but definitely not dancing at their feet! Here's a peek....


  1. Hi Debi,

    I am drooling over your posts. What a wonderful experience (and Duran Duran too)!
    I am so glad you were able to get back ok. A friend was headed to Paris and her flight was canceled several times also. She is there as we speak. Big sigh....

    Big hugs,

  2. While sitting in Houston traffic I was reading your post, and "Is There Something I Should Know?" by Duran Duran came on the radio. What a magical evening!!

  3. ok, who ARE you? . . .that you get invited to all
    these cool events! :)

  4. How exciting to experience Hampton Court with Henry and his lively cast of characters. I can't believe you ate in the Great Hall....did you feel that you should be wearing lace, hooped skirt, wig, and feathers? The video cracked me up - those guys look a little older than I remember.

  5. DEBI! Duran Duran! wooohooo! I have to confess that I would have been embarrassingly dancing with the other gals. I loved them. AGAIN! what a fabulous night. Thank you. So funny that in the last two posts you covered two spots we just happened to enjoy on our trip last summer. Dressed down a bit but still enjoyable. How were the meals? Just wonderin'

  6. Also I meant to say, great picture of you and your husband outside the castle.

  7. WOW... do you pinch yourself everyday to see if all this is real?????

    I know I would!

    Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  8. Duran Duran!!!!! They were my favourite band! Hubby took me to see them a few years when they were touring again...I am so jealous Debi! You are living my dream life!!

    My sister Holly tells me the weather over there is glorious at the moment. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!

    Best wishes for a beautiful weekend,

  9. My, my, to have rubbed elbows with all those historical people that are magically still around! What a grand experience(s).
    What does your engagement book have next in store for you?
    I assume you did bring us all a token of some kind - right? Oh, yes...the pictures, and they are appreciated.

  10. I am SO jealous of your experiences! How wonderful! Thanks for taking us along!

  11. This was wonderful to see the Great Hall all festooned - as well as the people! When I was there it was quite barren - a lovely piece of architecture, quite picturesque gardens, photographic location - but much better visuals in your post! Thanks for sharing