Sunday, January 9, 2011

Heathrow Welcome

When I head back to London via Heathrow Airport, I expect to find a welcome just like the one in the video below. 


  1. Well, you just might. Apparently more and more of these flash mobs are showing up.

  2. Good Luck with that...but aren't they just great!! I'd probably faint!
    Fun post!

    PS...thankyou for your kind words about my mother's ring.

  3. I ABSOLUTELY love it! I'm sure it was for you--you were just so busy videotaping that we didn't see your smiling face. I just decided that being in one of these flash mobs is on my "bucket list." Of course, I have no control over it, so we'll see.

  4. So, so fabulous. Exuberant, lively, fun and so very joyful...what good things indeed. Thank you for sharing and I DO hope you get such a welcome and if you do (heehee) share it with us. Happy Travels.