Thursday, January 6, 2011

Princess dreams

Santa was very good to Jordan this Christmas. He knew how she lives in a Disney princess world, so putting a Jasmine dress and matching tiara under the Christmas tree fulfilled her persistent wish.

A Sleeping Beauty and Tiana dress were also added to her princess wardrobe this holiday,

to supplement her Snow White dress already hanging in her closet.

A princess can never have too many dresses, 

because there are always so many royal celebrations to attend.

Every sweet princess dreams of her prince and how he would rescue her if she was ever in distress, which explains the frustration she felt in this video. Who's going to wake her up if her prince can not?

But there's always the future, when the perfect prince will no longer just be in her dreams, but will step into her life and sweep her off her feet. May God raise up a wonderful man to be the man of her dreams, and who will always treat her like a princess.

But until that day, her favorite prince of all is her daddy, who dances with her and tells her how beautiful she is and how much she is loved. 

There's no fairy tale in that story, just a dream coming true.


  1. How cute , yes my granddaughter loves dressing up too :-) ♥

  2. It's wonderful when a girl knows she's a princess! Your little royal is darling.

  3. Oh, Debi, what a true doll she is! And Amen to your prayer for her future intended. What a sweet father/daughter picture too.

  4. She has the best prince in the world right now and I, too, pray that God will bless her with her prince one day in the future. Adorable blog post.

  5. I love that she knows the words to that song! Way to go Jordan! Now if only she would learn to the words to "Be Our Guest" and not "Pee Our Pest".......

  6. So cute and lovely sentiments at the end of your post too!

  7. I love love love your blog. Found you through The Texas Bloggers site and I am your newest follower!! I hope you pop over for a visit!! :)