Sunday, February 20, 2011

Royal Wedding Invitations

Alas, it seems that the wedding invitations have been sent out and I think we have just missed the cut. I was just more than a little crushed to see that we don't neatly fit into any of the categories listed on the Prince of Wales website of groups who were invited. 

Perhaps some of you have received yours?

Wedding invitations - The wedding of HRH Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton

19th February 2011
Invitations to the wedding of Prince William and Miss Middleton have been issued in the name of Her Majesty The Queen.
The following groups of people have been invited to the wedding:
• Members of The Royal Family and their friends
• Members of the Middleton Family and their friends
• Friends of Prince William and Miss Middleton
• Members of Foreign Royal Families
• Representatives from the Defence Services
• Representatives from Prince William’s patronages
• Representatives from the Church and other faiths
• Members of the Government, Parliament and Devolved Administrations
• Members of the Diplomatic Corps
• Governors-General and Prime Ministers from the Realms
• Members of the Royal Household
Around 1,900 people have been invited to the service at Westminster Abbey.
Around 600 people have been invited to the lunchtime reception at Buckingham Palace given by The Queen.
Around 300 people have been invited to the dinner at Buckingham Palace given by The Prince of Wales.
Notes to Editors 
Please note we are not releasing the names of individual invitees.
The invitations were posted on Wednesday and Thursday this week.
A rough breakdown of numbers of guests is as follows (this includes spouses):
• The vast majority of guests are drawn from Prince William and Miss Middleton’s Family and Friends – over 1,000
• Over 50 Members of The Royal Family
• Over 40 Members of Foreign Royal Families
• Over 200 Members of Government, Parliament and Diplomatic Corps
• Approximately 80 guests drawn from Prince William’s charities
• 60 Governors-General and Realm Prime Ministers
• 30 Members of the Defence Services
The EIIR on the invitation is die-stamped in gold and then burnished. The text on the invitation is also die-stamped. The edges of the invitation are bevelled then gilded. 


  1. Wouldn't that be a dream???! It would even be fun just to be in the city around all the hoopla!! I'll enjoy watching it on my "telly" like I did when I saw Prince Charles and Princess Diana's!

  2. Dratt!! I must have missed out ~ no invitation
    in my mail box. Will you be in London for the wedding Debi?

  3. I too am crushed that I did not make the cut, but will definitely be watching on television as I did for Prince Williams parents! :) xxoo

  4. I hope Holly's doesn't get lost in the mail,with the move and all~
    I do love your wedding widget!

  5. Darn, none for me! But it was fun to hope for a minute! Thank you for another delightful post, Debi. Have a wonderful week. – g

  6. Sorry you didn't make the cut....hehe. But this insider info is fun to know. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  7. Hasn't shown up yet by post, UPS, Fed Ex, or Royal Crier...oh wait, today is President's day and no mail is delivered.

  8. Shoot, I didn't get an invitation either. But one of my Paris-based Londonite friends is picking me up a commemorative mug the next time she's at home, so at least I'll have a souvenir! :)

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  9. It must be so much fun living in London now while all the planning and things are happening for the happy couple. What fun.


  10. William and Kate are just the cutest couple! I hope they have a really happy life together. Sad to say, I didn't expect an invitation for them in the least, but it is still fun to watch their wedding plans unfold.

  11. That's wny I didn't get my invitation!




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  12. At least everyone will be invited to watch it in TV:)

  13. Mine has been caught up in the mail, somewhere.
    I hope. ;-I

  14. That's it, I'm returning my gift!

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