Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Royal Baby

Finding The Royal Baby paper doll book was an unexpected serendipity. I was searching for Little Prince gifts for our new grandson who will be born in a few weeks, and stumbled upon this "vintage" copy of paper dolls made the year Prince William was born. Isn't he a cutie in this  "I ♥ Buckingham Palace" shirt?

Inside on heavy cardstock were two views of little William to be cut out. Did you play with paper dolls when you were young?

My grandma, the Queen says that it is never too early to take our Royal Duty seriously. 
How about those Union Jack pajamas and the miniature throne with the symbol of the Prince of Wales?

For our morning outing with nanny Barnes. We like the informality of a Prince of Wales plaid suit. 
Of course, his lap blanket is monogrammed "Mighty Monarch." Nanny Barnes must be a fictitious name, since I imagine at the time of print, it was not known who would be the nanny, but it does seem that Prince William has not forgotten one of his true life nannies, Araceli Piccio, affectionately called Miss Lillie by the brothers. She has received one of the coveted invitations to the wedding.

Someday I'll be Commander of the Royal Guards, but for now, it's jolly good wearing a bearskin hat. 
Even his bear has a "bearskin" hat!

The Empire was not built upon shifting sands, so today we shall build ourselves a new castle. 
The name Gordonstoun on the T-shirt refers to the boarding school that the Duke of Edinburgh, and Princes Charles, Andrew and Edward all attended as young boys.

Don't we look smashing in our Ascot gear? Our Shetland pony will accompany us on a "walkabout."
Ascot, of course, refers to the famous horse racing venue.

Kippers and kidneys are all very well, but, at the moment, we are partial to Yorkshire pudd.
I don't think that kippers (cold smoked herring) or kidneys would be anything my own boys would have wanted for breakfast either. His little bib says "Bibmaster by appointment to the Prince" and his dishes say, Fit for a King, Princely Pudd, and The Royal Kid (just so it wouldn't get mixed up with any commoners' cups!)

Fishing at Balmoral with my great-granny, the Queen Mum is simply super. Look what we have caught!

Freddy Windsor and his sister Gabriella are the son and daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

Must be Harvey guarding the royal swing, "crown" sandbox, and swan swimming pool.

Uncle Andy gave me my helicopter suit, but I often get nabbed for speeding down the palace halls.

Mummy loathes blood sports, but Daddy knows what's good for men...and future kings like him and me.
The only reference to Diana, his mother. Is that bunny for shooting?

We are never too young to go down to the sea in ships, says William, ready to sail forth before the Royal mast.
A little prophetic for the royal stag party, since Prince Harry is planning his brother's stag party off shore in a boat, with options of all sorts of water sports for the guys.

We like to recall those glorious days when the sun never set on the British Empire. Elephants are forever.

We royals sometimes go down into the mines, just the way our loyal subjects do.

Daddy is good at polo. Grandpa Philip was better, but we are going to be the best ever. 
His cup reads Will's Lite Ginger Beer.

And here's his royal coach and horses,

and the book closes with a blessing for his life to come.

And then guess what I found yesterday in the book store???


You got it!
Royal Wedding Paper dolls--a dress-up dolly book.
Gotta' love those Union Jack briefs!


  1. Well, it made me smile and it's sweet in a kitsch sort of way which actually makes for a lovely present. Personally though, I'd be looking at leaving the country during the wedding ;-) Have a great week xo

  2. Yes, I played with paper dolls and I love your finds.

  3. I mean, what can one say?? Just brilliant!!!! Got to love the "Pukka Sahib", such a relic these days. Anyway, these are great finds, Debi. Always so much fun here. – g