Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Royal This 'n That

Official Royal Wedding website

Time for the royal nuptials is drawing closer, and if you want to stay on top of the latest events, you can click on the Official Royal Wedding website daily for updates. Launched on March 2nd, the website is constantly being updated with information I think you may find very interesting.  A biography of Catherine was added yesterday, along with some of her childhood photos, and today you can read about their unexpected visit to Ireland, and see the interactive parade route.  Since Catherine's early years have been kept relatively a secret until now, it's a sign that we are to learn more and more about the delightful couple as the wedding day approaches.

Guess what I saw in the Peter Jones department store last week?  
Some of the commemorative souvenirs that are starting to make their appearance.

The plate, tankard and pill box are the three official pieces offered by the Royal Collection. In addition, they have recently added a heart shaped ornament and tea towel. All can be found here at the Royal Collection Website.

What you won't find at the Royal Collection website are these three plates, also found at Peter Jones department store.
Sour grapes anyone?

In appreciation for the extra Bank Holiday the country is being awarded on the wedding day.

And in case, you need her gift registry to pick up something unique for the couple who has everything.

Getty Images

Rumors are swirling that the designer of her wedding dress just might be Sarah Burton, who took over as creative director of the Alexander McQueen fashion house after his suicide last year. She seems to be a popular choice of the British people, but at this point in time, she is emphatically denying it is she.

Getty Images

Kate Middleton has continually stated that she prefers the design and creator of her dress to stay a secret until the wedding day, so we probably won't know for sure until April 29, but it's fun to imagine. Would it look anything like Burton's dress above? I doubt it, but I imagine it will be a blend of Kate's input and a little cutting edge from the designer--who will be British for sure.


  1. They look a gorgeous couple and I really wish them every happiness ~ William certainly deserves that. Thanks for passing on the Royal Wedding site Debi, I shall click over and check it out.
    "All Things French"

  2. Hopefully it will be a very happy marriage!

  3. Ugg, I guess it's because I am not British, but this whole fuss over the wedding is beyond me! I like that they are trying to make it all very open, for the fans of them, that must be great. But just like any hollywood wedding, it is over played, and becomes too much. Although, I do like the Day Off China, that is pretty funny! I can only imagine how much 'news' about the wedding ya'll get there!

  4. I can only imagine how exciting and merch-filled the streets of London are at this time. Thanks for the glimpse!

  5. Great plates! I have my dress all picked out for the big event!

  6. I wonder how many people will be working on the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday. Find out if you’re eligible here… Royal Wedding Bank Holiday

  7. I love the 'it should have been me' plate! That makes me chuckle.
    Come by my blog and check out the link I've shared for Ash Wednesday... Amazing!

  8. So sorry I haven't been commenting much lately, trying to catch up some today. I love this post! I was hoping you would be giving us the inside scoop!
    I can't wait for the wedding! Will you be in London for it?

    Off to read some of your previous posts :)

  9. This is a lovely picture of the happy couple. I do hope they have a long happy life together.
    These plates are tooooo funny It Should of Been me is the best.
    Glad you shared this with us...interesting.
    I did not know that about the cartoon Maxine that you shared with me. Wow...now that is interesting also. A man go figure.
    I have been wanting to plan a trip to London in the next few months but not sure if my back will let me travel that far or not. It would be exciting though to see parts of England.
    Hope your doing well

  10. this will be such fun! one thing for sure is that
    she will be a gorgeous bride!

  11. Good morning, Debi! This is a great blog, and I love how you juggle between TWO CITIES....I see your previous post is on my favorite part of the world, AIX...thank you for coming to visit me and for just a kind comment. I enjoy writing, but with my full-time teaching job and limited time, I try to post regularly, but often have to make my posts short. I am learning however, to make them short and POIGNANT, indeed!!! I hope this Royal Couple lives a long and happy life, and endures the inevitable tragedy of being the targets of the tabloids. She is so beautiful! Thank you again for your visits...come again this weekend! Anita

  12. I love the British sense of humor ... those plates are hilarious! Will you purchase something to remember the big event?

    Look at you on the brink of reaching your 100th follower! Wish I could put you over the mark but then I've been there with you since the single digits!