Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Boy's Toy

So, my husband bought himself a toy a couple of weeks ago--a white Thunderbird.

Not just any white T-bird, mind you, but

a 1956 white Thunderbird, with a  Continental spare tire kit,

and a removable hard top.

It's the same model car Suzanne Somers drove in "American Graffiti," but these days, you'll find my husband's best gals

sitting in the driver's seat.

He's loving his new money pit  toy and so does Jordan,    

who enjoys kicking back and imagining life in the fast lane.

So long, we're off on a road trip....

Here's a reminder of how the T-bird made its appearance in "American Graffiti" if you want to walk down memory's lane.


  1. Oh! That is a beautiful car and a very happy man too!

  2. How FUN Debi!!!! We had a 64 MGB resored until our boys became teens and my husband was scared to let them drive it. He was more afraid others would not see the car and hit it. It was so much fun! We had a little seat built into the back for the kids. Those were the days before seat belts were mandatory. We all loved it and took many rides with the top down in the summer. AHHHH! I can just imagine all the fun you'll have!

  3. I think it's great! It looks stunning. Question though: is it in Houston or in London? Because if it's in London I might just have to hitch a ride ;-)

    Thanks for your numerous lovely comments, I've also passed them on. xo

  4. That boy does love his toys! Very nice! I'd like a ride in a car that was born the same year I was ... hah!