Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's All About the Hats!

Shades of Eliza Dolittle! Yes, the hats at Ascot were fabulous,

and we were very lucky it was fairly decent weather that day, because the weather got pretty nasty Thursday and Friday. Can you imagine trying to keep these "masterpieces" under an umbrella all day?

Ladies in Red....
A girlfriend outing, I imagine.

A little lopsided, but cute.

Channeling other worlds perhaps?

A la Audrey Hepburn!

See the hand and fingers on top?

She cleared a wide path when she walked.

Love the back of these!

A menswear tuxedo look.

High fashion.


Feathers and color won't let you down!


She asked to take a photo of my hat, so of course, I took one of her!

Flying saucers?

Boa around the brim!

Liked the bold color!

Two friends out for a special day.

And my favorite of all. This sweet lady was adorable, and had planted herself in a position where everyone could see her as they came into the grandstand. Isn't she a charmer?


  1. Wow! What an event. It is like being at a fashion show. I adore all the hats, beautiful dresses and the men in their morning suits and top hats. I am also loving all the coats that compliment the dresses. I wish that would come into style here. Your fascinator was beautiful and you looked fabulous! What a lucky duck you are!

    I remember the first time I went to London in 1983. I thought everyone wore hats everywhere and I bought a beautiful white hat to wear while there (I lived there for a year). I never had the chance to wear it. I bought it at Nordstrom and they had a great selection. Now all they carry a sun hats.

  2. This series on Ascot is brilliant. Loved seeing all the images and had no idea the Queen arrived by horse-drawn carriage. Just beautiful. I guess us Americans have a much more scaled down concept of beautiful hats and I am so happy to see you maintained your lovliness with a normal sized fascinator. Some of hats are absolutely laughable for us; but I know for them it's normal. I'm your newest follower...have to be...we're both in Houston (at least you are 1/2 time). xx's

  3. GOOD MORNING DEAR FRIEND! Oh, what fun this is and I wish I could be there; that darling woman on the last shot, I SAW HER PHOTO on Fay's blog, A MELANGE ET MOI...she is beautiful, isn't she? AND LOOK AT YOU in the previous post! What fun you must have in between TWO CITIES..and of to Provence you go tomorrow? BON VOYAGE...PENSE À MOI! Oh, what loveliness awaits you!

    Thank you so much for coming over!!! Anita

  4. Some of them look seriously classy and lady-like. Then there are some, ahem, rather questionable hat/outfit/hairstyle combinations...what, oh what were they thinking?! Nevertheless, I really enjoy your pics and comments and I think you know what I mean ;-) xo

  5. Thank you, Debi, for this rare glimpse into a "fascinating" event! I don't really have a favorite – I think the overall presentation is just wonderful and outrageous. Once again, a unique experience here at your blog. x- g

  6. You always take such wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing. I think we should do something special for the rodeo...how about decorating our cowboy hats, or do they already do that (haven't been in a while).

  7. Great post, Debi! Wonder what they pay for the more elaborate designs. Any idea? I liked the Audrey Hepburn look and the "classy" lady but some of the others looked so whimsical and fun. Seems like you couldn't be in a bad mood wearing some of those.

  8. Oh, these are fantastic! I don't believe I'd be able to look at anything but the glorious headwear. And judging from the sizes of some of these beauties, seeing the field may not have been an option anyway.

  9. There hats are scrumptious!! Really, I think I would just be staring all day if I had been there....so maybe it's a good thing I wasn't! Ha!
    Yours was my fav and also in the best taste of any I've seen!

  10. Hi Debi,
    What a fun post. OMG- those hats are amazing. I must say that you look wonderful in a hat. I would wear one daily-hehe. What an experience.
    Soak it all up. I see a book in the works and i would purchase it.
    I haven't been much of a blogger this year (but I do facebook often). Swore I would never be on facebook. It is so easy while I work that I end up there. Need to change-hehe.
    Have a blessed weekend.


  11. I think the Audrey Hepburn hat was my favorite. I am catching up on blogs. Hope to see the hat you wore in one I have missed.

  12. Hats are just so much fun! Don't you wish they were worn more here in the US?
    Your life must be so interesting...traveling back and forth.