Saturday, September 17, 2011

Duke of York Market Colors

We headed out to the Sloane Square tube stop this morning, but took a quick detour around the weekly Saturday market that is held near us at the Duke of York square. 

Cristen got us some Honey Cinnamon cashews for our excursion that day. It is London Open House weekend, and we saw some beautiful buildings today which I'll share with you later.

I just thought the market was particularly colorful today, so my camera just begged to be released from my purse, and I captured a few sights for you. 


Packing up my suitcase tonight to head back to Houston, and I wish I could bring you one of everything!


  1. i wish you could, too! such glorious colors
    and textures!!

  2. Stunning images, Debi! Each one more bright and cheerful than the one before. I think the markets are getting to really be a destination with all the organic and artisan baked goods and more exotic fare. Thank you so much! I loved it! Wishing you a safe journey. – g

  3. WOW WOW WOW....WHO says British food is bad.....LOOK AT ALL THIS WONDER! And those colorful strips....that must be candy...the AQUA blue gets my attention!

    Dearest, thank you for your strong words of encouragement. Yes, opening the door a little further will certainly reveal the light...thank you so much.Now, to figure out how to venture out in this way during my busy school year!!!

    CHEERS! Anita

  4. What a delicious and colorful post - yum! xxoo :)

  5. Hello Debi .. Love this market, have been quite a few times. The variety is amazing. This is The Partridges Food Market, next to the shop.

  6. Note to self: No more reading Debi's blog on an empty stomach.