Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thames River Festival

Saturday, we struck out early to play along the river, the Thames River, that is,  for the annual two day end-of-summer bash put on by the mayor of London.

We spent the day walking  along the river all the way from the Tower Bridge to Westminster Bridge, and finding a lot of festivities along the way.

There were musical performances all along the route, including folk singers, a swing band, a massive choir of 850 singers, and tango dancing to only name a few. Audience participation was encouraged!

Tango lessons were popular, 

as well as the Just Dance booth sponsored by Wii that 

really got the youngsters moving today. So cute making their moves!
I'm already investigating this Wii game for our family Christmas this year.
Way fun!

It's not a festival without cupcakes, and the new kids on the block in London: the "cake pops,"

as well as towers of fudge,

and would you look at this novel idea!  Classic iced tea! We'll convince our British friends yet, that this is the wave of the future.

There was an incredible amount of food options from countries around the world.

Southwark Bridge was transformed to the Feast on the Bridge- a giant banqueting space where we shared a banqueting table and made new friends while dining from the numerous choices that were available.

The huge Fish Cake on the bridge was a big hit,

and after perusing our choices, we decided to go for the roasted hog sandwiches

which were really quite tasty.

There were so, so many people sharing the river bank with us--people of all shapes and sizes, including the "dapper ones,"

the fun ones,

and the burlesque dancer, cowboy and Indian chief running the Pamper Boutique.

Paul-Henri Jeannel's Chapeau Magique demonstrations of his origami wizard hats out of brown wrapping paper drew large crowds

and stylish models.

There was a craft trail coinciding with the Festival,

with all sorts of looks

and options,

including these bedazzled cowboy hats. Yee-haw,

although the British gals preferred the fascinator booths, of course,

and I was really impressed with the beautiful aerial installations of

illuminated vintage frocks. Fancy that!

Oh, and uh, yes, there was the snake handler who was charging sweet little curly red-haired girls to wear his snake like a necklace. Couldn't hardly watch that one!

Can't leave out the boats along the way: the HMS Belfast

the SB Daphne,

and a delightful River Parade late in the afternoon. We figured we walked about 2 and a half miles today to see it all, enjoyed every minute and I'll be back in my next blog to tell you about some of the "street food" that was along the way. 


  1. I love that walk, done it a few times. Great when there are displays and new things to see. They often have something going on.

  2. This is such an in depth and delightful tour, Debi, that I almost feel I was there. Wish I had been! Thank you for sharing the wonderful activities and atmosphere of dear London.

  3. This is so cool. I've been to London a few times but always in winter so no sights like this were evident. How delightful it looked. That fudge caught my eye, wow. And it looks like the sun was shining brightly on your festivities.

    I've just returned from Paris and have posted some new pics on my Paris blog.

    Denise @

  4. The festival looks like such fun! I'm with you though. Red-heads should definitely NOT play with snakes. That picture gave me the heebie-jeebies. :)