Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Jordan

Today is Jordan's fourth birthday, and we celebrated in style on Sunday afternoon with a big princess party.

In preparation for the princesses and princes to come, royal clothing was hung with care,

the tiaras and royal jewels shined and polished,

all sorts of delicious sweets and treats were prepared

in anticipation of one little girl turning 4.

The princess and her court were quite excited to pose for the paparazzi.

There was time for a spot of tea,

and even a couple of little princes thought it was cool to stop for tea-time.

In between sword fights, that is!

This little prince and this little princess have taken quite a fancy to each other over the last year, and Princess Jordan has claimed him for her own. She anticipates their wedding day quite often and dreams of how it will unfold.

In addition to friends, there were so many members of our family who accepted with delight their invitation to attend the royal occasion, even Kiss-Kiss and Jason who skyped with the guest of honor all the way from London.

And we can't leave out The Little Prince, brother Jackson, who thinks parties are so much fun!

There was a lot of lovin' going on,

and many well wishes from friends so dear.

The highlight of the party was the arrival of Princess Heather who charmed the birthday girl

and read one of her favorite stories to the adoring crowd.

She was the "rock star" of the day!

We are eternally grateful to God for gracing us with a princess so fair, so loving, so full of joy, who has turned our world upside down since her arrival. 

Happy Birthday, Jordan!


  1. What precious pictures and memories. Happy Birthday Princess Jordan.

  2. If you can't be here in London with us I am so glad you were at Jordon's Princess party. So very sweet! I could almost hear the laughter! I don't see any pictures of GiGi.... were you wearing a fascinator or a crown of your own?

  3. What a wonderful party...the stuff of dreams for any girl!! Happy Birthday Jordan!!

  4. Wish I were 4 again! I'll bet Jordan loved her party.

  5. What a precious little grand daughter and a sweet princess party. Have they been on one of your journeys to London yet? Thank you so much for the post about the 7 Dials area of London. I can't believe we were able to go to that area as well as The Borough's Market. We even had a leisurely pub lunch that I will highlight soon!

  6. What a magical, memorable birthday party! Princess Jordan is lucky indeed. Happy Birthday to her from Seattle and Chile!

  7. Honey you certainly have won the grandma of the year award for the best Birthday parties ever.
    How she will remember the magic of this special day all of her life.
    I adore you

  8. WHAT A GORGEOUS PRINCESS....I must dress up the next time I read a story to my students. I have plenty of crowns and dresses!!! SO SWEET OF YOU TO DROP BY TODAY! Yep, Dorothy is always a fabulous character to dress up in! That was me and Ruben back in our college days at Boston University!!!

    LOVE TO YOU! Anita

  9. she is totally a princess and has the most
    loving supporting family ever!