Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween-Family Style

We got a head start on Halloween yesterday when our church hosted our annual Fall Festival with Trunk  and Treating.  Jordan and I had a special afternoon prepping at the local "glam" spa for young girls

where she got the special treatment, including her first pedicure,

and a manicure 

topped off with the most sparkly polish treatment available.

Then it was on to the hair styling

where French braids were the perfect "do"

for Dorothy, her Halloween persona!

Making her rounds around the cars in the parking lot, Jordan found her Poppy

and her Aunt Holly and Mama Rue, my sister and mother who gave her the special treatment.

And who else was there? Brother Jackson, as the Scarecrow,  and Daddy Tin Man!

Who needs candy when you're already this sweet?

Part of the fun was hanging out with friends, like Emerson, who was very interested in Jackson's pacifier,

and Addison, one of Jordan's buddies.

Definitely a family night for the whole Wizard of Oz family!

Hope your day is full of sweet treats!


  1. Thanks for letting us LIVE through Halloween with your grandkids. Trunk or Treat looks like so much fun especially when the "boot" belongs to Poppy! I'm looking forward to a mani and pedi myself!

  2. How cute!! You're so lucky to be able to be with them for all these fun times!! Enjoy!!

  3. What a special day ~ Sweet Treats for Halloween!

  4. Your "Dorothy" had quite a day!! She is cute as a button and that JACKSON!! Couldn't you just eat him alive?? Looks like you all had a good Halloween....I'm sure it was for you just being with them, huh?

  5. Ear-to-ear smiles on her face. Looks like a great day! XOLaura

  6. Special day for a very special beautiful young lady. What a prefect day from beginning to end.
    Love these pics too.
    Glad you made such wonderful memories

  7. Absolutely adorable!!! Love the spa treatment. :)

  8. Jordan looks so big. How are our little ones growing up so fast?