Monday, December 5, 2011

Harrod's is Ready for Christmas

It's Christmas time in London, and the lights and festivities abound. I've blogged about many of those in the last three years, and they can be found by "Search the Blog" on the right sidebar should you choose to get a flavor of what Christmas in London is all about.
Harrod's, of course, does Christmas in a big way. They opened their Christmas World in July this year, with over 8000 square feet of ideas to make your Christmas even more special. Summer tourists were excited to see they could find "Christmas in July."

Daily Mail

This year Harrod's paired with Swarovski Crystal to create an enchanting Crystal Forest in their store windows.

Daily Mail

The woodland scenes were dripping with crystal gems and sparkling trees.

Inside the Christmas department, the extravagance continued.

Ornaments and decor

to make your Christmas sparkle with bling.

Of course, the traditional themes were there as well

with plenty of British themed ornaments to choose from,

like this Union Jack Santa

 Christmas balls,

and landmarks of London.

Perhaps you'd like to pick up some London themed cookies,

to enjoy with your tea.

Someone on your Christmas list probably needs these salt and pepper shakers,

and Grandma needs a Chrismas Pudding,

little nieces or nephews would be fascinated by their own snow globe,

and I'm sure everyone has a Princess Kate doll on their list this year!

I'm always fascinated by English crackers, and Harrod's always has some of the most beautiful ones. These are Silver Bling and sell for £599 or $940. Wonder what treasures you would find inside?

These red lace ones are nice

or you could spring for the super deluxe for £1299 or $2040. Inside you would find pearls, silver, crystal, silk and leather!

My favorites were these!

And Harrod's always has such nice touches, like this in-house opera singer, Marika Rauscher, who sings to customers as they take the Egyptian elevators up and down. Just a touch above the piano player at Nordstrom's.

I leave you with one of Harrod's Christmas videos which feature clips from their "Security Cam" showing Santa up to a little mischief!


  1. I loved this post. Christmas in London is so magical and Wow!, Harrods Christmas department looks fantastic. I think I will make some of my own Christmas Crackers this year. I'm going to put in some gift cards to make them a little more exciting. I can't even imagine paying $2000+ for crackers!!!!

  2. OH, I am so sad I haven't stopped by in so long but seeing your fabulous Harrod's coverage once again, puts me in mind to state that your blog is much like the Christmas scene at Harrod's "enchanting"! Merry Christmas Debi.

  3. Christmas Crackers costing this much? Do people actually buy them, do you know? Or is it a "visual" treat? Just love this post !!
    Thank you for the window pics especially. I'm completely overwhelmed with the Bergdorf ones this year. xx's

  4. London is also on my list of places to spend the Christmas holidays and Harrods would definitely be on my list of must see's for all the holiday decorations! Wonderful post, Debi!

  5. really a very nice post with Christmas shopping atmosphere! I like the decorations a lot!

  6. Love everything about Harrods! Thanks so much for sharing for those of us that can't make it across the pond this season!

    Just clicked on the post on the Thunderbird purchase. Jordan looked so cute! Could you give me the date of your most recent picture of that grandson of yours? I'd love to see how much he's grown!

    The round British Christmas ornaments are to die for! Love!!!


  7. It's so funny to see your post - I can't even remember the last time I went to Harrods, actually, come to think of it, it was at the beginning of October with my friend who had visited from Munich. Anyway, I rarely venture there since it's just generally too packed with tourists... Your pictures do make me want to check out their Christmas display though. Thanks for sharing xo

  8. I love your is all in the eyes of the beholder and her camera! I was there yesterday (Pre-sale began!) and I did not "get" the windows with the white tree- like women. I should have known there was a story.

  9. That video is hilarious! And your pictures are so beautiful, Debi. Makes me miss London at Christmastime. Hopefully, Harrod's will have a great after-Christmas sale on those ornaments!

  10. Oh, how wonderful! Thank you for letting me holiday shop vicariously at Harrods, Debi! Love it!

  11. I remember when Denise and I went to Harrod's. The Christmas section was just amazing. Thanks for the memories.

  12. Everything is so festive and pretty!! I love the Swarovski showcase! It would be like a dream to shop there...have fun!!!

  13. Good evening!

    We are so lucky to have you around to show us how the other side of the world celebrates! I don't know how you manage between all the traveling but you sure bless us with your views of Christmas on both sides of the Atlantic! And now you are in NYC? HOW FABULOUS!!!!! Thank you dearest for coming to visit me! GOD BLESS! Anita

  14. OH where do I start! Love everything about this post. I would love to receive one of those nice crackers in my stocking this year. lol
    What a wonderful way to spend the day and I just know you loved every minute.
    Their showcases are out of this world.. I have never seen anything so beautiful. Wow I need to start being good so I can shop there next year.
    Have fun dear friend

  15. I just found your blog and signed on to FOLLOW. I think we have very little in common, but that could be fun. I enjoyed the photos so very much. C'mon over to visit me sometime. There's always SWEET TEA in the fridge.

  16. How completely spectacular!!!! That white tree inside the store is utterly amazing!

  17. I ALWAYS look forward to these pictures!!

  18. Just found this! I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit and my singing! Thank you so much for the mention. Happy New Year. Marika x

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