Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shopping at the Souk in Morocco

And now it's time for my final blog on Morocco. I always love to check out the market scene everywhere we travel--you see a real slice of life that way, and that was certainly the case in Marrakech, and the souk we visited there. 

My only disappointment was that there was not much shopping time in our schedule, so I had to fly through the market, picking up just a few things, all along wishing I could shop for more.

So if you were shopping, would you pick up some pottery made locally:

perhaps a couscous bowl

or a tagine?

Berber carpets were everywhere, some you had to dig through

and others in stacks daring you to pull one out for closer examination.

Your taste buds are definitely teased with spices,

nuts and fruits,



and colorful sweet and savory snacks.

Leather shoes could be found everywhere 

you glanced,

and the basket bags were intricately decorated.

Fancy a hat 

or a scarf anyone?

The fabrics were a rainbow of color

and so tempting to the eye, even if you had no idea how you would use them.

Maybe you'd fancy a caftan

or two?

And many went home with one of the ubiquitous silver tea pots

and tea glasses of every hue.

What would you place in your shopping bag?

So long Morocco--hope we meet again someday.


  1. Amazing. What is a tagine used for?

  2. Oh how lovely!! The fabrics! Oh, the fabrics! :)

  3. OMG-this is a place for shopping!

  4. All those colours! Wow, a feast for the eyes.They're gorgeous photos. I'm longing to go back there, but next time with more space to go shopping - I went on my motorbike, not much space for a large tagine there.

    Thanks for all your comments, I hope you're having a lovely time in Houston. Where will you be spending Christmas? xo

  5. What did you pick up Debbie? I would have to get a scarf, and some slippers.

  6. So much eye candy, Debi! What a shame you didn't have much time to shop. This must have been the richest visual feast!! Really appreciate this tour. – g

  7. OH my I think I would of thought I had died and went to heaven if I had been there with you. How in the world could you pick from all the gorgeous things. Love love you sharing your trip with us.
    You know I travel through you.

  8. Knowing how carefully you shop for your foreign treasures, I'd like to know what you went home with. I would have been so tempted with the "beauties" in these pictures!

  9. The bright colors are just amazing.