Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Blooming Friendship

One of the amazing blessings of the blogging world is making new friends through cyberspace, and once in awhile actually connecting with them in the "real world."
Such was the case this past week, when a friend and I called on a blogging friend, Georgianna, when we were visiting the Pacific Northwest.

Georgianna invited us into her beautiful garden for a little walk-around,

and a delicious lunch, where we relished in the moment of meeting someone face to face that we had previously known only through our blogs.

Georgianna is an amazing photographer, so we were especially thrilled when she shared her office with us, where all that creativity crystallizes once her camera comes in and the pictures are downloaded.

Shooting florals are her specialty,

but entertaining us as a hostess with salads and desserts

which were almost too beautiful to eat, is her talent as well.

Next we enjoyed a special treat when we watched her style a shot with some local flowers from

the farm of a friend.

Living amongst such beauty in the Northwest

where flowers like this thrive in the lingering weeks of summer must be a special gift indeed.

Meeting you, Georgianna, and spending the afternoon with you and Lori, my Florida friend, was an afternoon I'll long cherish.
May our friendship which started out so many months ago with a comment or two on our mutual blogs bloom into a relationship which we'll always nurture.

Treat yourself and spend some time on her blog, where you will find beauty to grace your day.


  1. I follow Georgianna's wonderful blog, and so was really surprised when I saw you on it. At first I thought you must have a double, but when I read it I realised it was you.
    What a lovely day, and how wonderful the friendships that are made in the blogging world.

  2. indeed, she has a pretty garden! I agree, it's always nice to make friends through blogging!

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  3. Dear Debi, Thank you so much for making the effort to visit me and also this beautifully written and presented post. You make me blush!

    Having you and Lori visit was such a memorable and special experience. It was entirely my pleasure. And your photos of the garden are so lovely, I almost don't recognize it!

    It definitely felt empty after you and Lori left and I have been thinking all week what fun it would be if you both lived just down the road. But I have no doubt we will meet up again soon, here, or London or maybe France!

    I hope the rest of your trip was wonderful and I look forward to those photos and stories, too.

    Again, thank you so much. I will also cherish our day together and this wonderful, generous post.


  4. This is great. Such gifts, especially friendship, can come from blogging.

  5. Such a wonderful way to make friends , and your photos are just fabulous, just look at those amazing colours.

  6. What axspecial treat. Her garden is glorious. Youvaresobgifted at making new friends and keeping up with old friends.