Thursday, August 30, 2012

Finding a New Corner of Beauty

When you want to escape the August heat of Texas and yet stay in North America, the Pacific Northwest immediately comes to mind, and that's where we headed last week with friends to count off the days of summer.

Seattle was our first stop on the journey.

Top of our list to see was the infamous Pikes Place Market

with the "flying fish" (look closely) vendors,

and all the colors of $5 bouquets of flowers,

glass works,

and even peppers.

A visit to the original Starbucks nearby proved entertaining and delicious,

and then a first for me--a duck tour

onto the lake, where we saw the beautiful skyline, seaplanes and the Sleepless in Seattle house.
Have you ever done a duck tour?
More fun than I would have imagined!

Then it was on to Vancouver, where we started off in Stanley Park,

where the lushness

and color of the vegetation prove how "happy" they are in this fertile environment.

Next, we enjoyed some time on Granville Island. We were quite intrigued by these "floating" houses on the water with a beautiful view of the city.

Granville Island is also known for its colorful market--such beautiful presentation and delicious flavors.

I also discovered a dragon fruit--have you sampled one?

We left the city to find gorgeous scenery on our route towards Whistler.

A couple of waterfalls on the way,

took our breath away

and we took every chance we could to just stop and take in the beauty of God's landscape 

in this part of the world.

The town of Whistler charmed us, as I'm sure it did the rest of the world when it hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Once atop Whistler Mountain, 

we took the Peak to Peak gondolas for a 

view unlike any other, as we traveled on the world's highest lift of its kind from Whistler Mountain to Blackcomb Mountain, an experience not to be missed.

It was an amazing trip, enhanced by spending time with our good friends, Hal and Lori, our traveling buddies for the adventure. 

Chalk it up to another adventure with memories and landscapes etched in our minds for years to come.


  1. Each of those pictures evokes memories of home for me!! A reminder for me not to take it for granted. Beautiful presentation, Debi! Looks like the weather even cooperated for your time there! Sounds like you had a great trip! Nancy

  2. Fabulous, Colourful post ..amazing to see the wonderful sights above Whistler . I have never been there but my cousin and his wife work there as Ski instructors :-)

  3. Really terrific photos, Debi! The first one is one of the best I've seen of the city in a long time. Such fun to see my area through your eyes. And the photos of you on Whistler are beautiful!

    I so enjoyed your visit. A very special day and I can't wait for you and Lori to come again. G

  4. Gosh Debi these pic's are amazing as was your trip. I loved the ones of you and your sweet hubby in them too.
    I have been AWOL lately mainly because my computer is trying to go down on me. I am really pryaing I don't have to spend the money on a new one but I can't keep trying to use this one. lol
    You have been on my mind every day this week so I knew I had to try and come by. It takes 30 minutes to open up a site but I made it.
    I have been trying to find clothes I need my trip to Maine. I thought how does Debi do it. You travel so much so I need your expert advice on what I need to pack for a trip to Maine. haha.
    Once again I loved these pic's of your trip

  5. Really beautiful pictures, Debi!! They are so colorful! As I have said before, in my next life I want to come back as you!! lol Happy traveling.

  6. Terrific pictures,as always! I've never been to Seattle, but it's on the long list of places I must visit!!

  7. One of my favorite memories of Vancouver is of black squirrels. Did you see any?

  8. Gorgeous, colorful photos. We are drawn to that area too?

    Will you be in London on Oct 2nd by chance? Love to meet you at 'Blogger's Tea' - details on my blog :)