Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin Hunt

Back in Houston again for the annual Pumpkin Hunt and Photo Shoot with the grand-kids. It's always more challenging to do it in 90 degree weather, but off we went for a bit of fun.

First changing Jackson into something photo-worthy,

then we were off as Jordan pointed us in the right direction.

Pre photo shoot,  a lot of pumpkin analysis,

hugging of trees,

and making new friends with the scarecrows.

Meanwhile, Jackson played a little hide and seek,

and spent a whole ton of energy moving pumpkins

and filling wagons to their brim.

Time for a photo shoot.

It's really tough work for a big sister, holding the perfect smile till a little brother looks into the camera with a charming smile of his own.

Sometimes a sister has to do a lot of bribing,


peek-a-boo playing,

stare downs,

and even some threatening to get a little brother to cooperate!

Uh, oh! I think she means business!

Now the kissin' starts,

Help me somebody!

She's torturing me!

Guess I better give them what they want! How's this for a smile?

And this one?

Finally, the stars align for a great shot,

and when they do,

there's some sweet music


Happy Pumpkin Hunting everyone!


  1. These are wonderful photos! Your grandchildren are adorable!

  2. Such great pictures of beautiful kids.


  3. My goodness those are gorgeous children! And I love your crisp clear photos. We used to live in Michigan so yes... pumpkin picking is a lot different than what we do in Texas. It appears that you and your husband have the best of all worlds!

  4. you have the MOST gorgeous grandbabies,
    and i loved the rolling dialogue.

  5. Debi, I bet you were tired too but these are great pics that will renew precious memories in years to come. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love this look into your life with your precious grandchildren!! Btw - it is NOT 90 here in London!!!

  7. Great job! I remember those days all too well. Once the youngest gets to where they really understand bribery, it's all uphill from there. But until then, you're right -- the stars have to align correctly for there to be a good shot of both (or all, in my case) at the same time.

  8. That looks like a fun photo shoot with your adorable grand kids! xxoo

  9. These are adorable, Debi! The kids are compleely precious and at the perfect age to enjoy such an outing to the fullest. But, my, Jackson is so big already!

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend. We had rain yesterday for the first time in three months! Autumn is arriving.

    – g

  10. What sweet adorable "pumpkins" you have there. what blessings.

  11. Such a colorful blog, Debi! You have amazing subject matter - as in your adorable grandkids. Looks like fun was had by all - eventually!

  12. Oh these children are absolutely DARLING LITTLE PUMPKINS THEMSELVES!!

    YIKES are they just precious!!! Thank you my dear for coming to visit today! MUCH LOVE and blessings! Anita

  13. Priceless photos of priceless children.