Friday, September 28, 2012

Burger & Lobster

Always up for an adventure, the gals and I headed to Burger & Lobster on Clarges St. this week for lunch. I'd been hearing about this hot spot in fashionable Mayfair for months, as it's getting a lot of buzz around town. You can always expect a long wait, unless you are there at noon right when the doors open.

The menu is simple: only 3 items on the menu. Burgers, lobster and lobster rolls.

All for 20£ each, which includes a side salad and fries, excuse me, "chips." We opted to try a bit of each, sharing off each others' plates. The burger was one of the best I'd had in London,

but the star of the show to me was the lobster roll. Cradled in a buttered and toasted brioche bun, the lobster and wasabi mayo filling was heavenly.

Next trip, I'll skip the burger, and head straight for the lobster roll, or maybe try a whole lobster as well.

As always the best part of the meal was the company, and don't we look dapper all decked out in our bibs? 

I highly recommend this Mayfair spot, or maybe its sister restaurant which recently opened on Dean St. in So Ho. Grab a friend, or better yet, take me with you. I'm still dreaming about that lobster roll!


  1. So glad I have just eaten my supper - that looks so delicious.

  2. Looks delicious indeed - but a lobster roll in a brioche bun is awfully fancy! This is on my "must try" list!

  3. I have made a note in my book, those lobster rolls look deeelicious.

  4. So funny that I came by here today and found you had written about a lobster roll because I tried one in Maine but could not finish mine.
    Honestly I think there is something wrong with me because everyone likes lobster.
    I was just thinking of you last night wishing I could post about my trip to Maine the way you do with your adventures. I just don't have the gift like you do.
    Glad you enjoyed your outing with your friends.
    Great pictures.

  5. I must admit the lobster roll looks yummy.

  6. Oh wow! I'm practically drooling! I've been craving lobster rolls all summer and that one looks particularly delicious :)

  7. Hi Debi,

    Looks like such a fun afternoon! And I've heard more and more about these specialty restaurants in London that only server two or three items. We should be back next year and I look forward to trying them.

    Have a great weekend!


  8. we just returned from london, and i went to primrose hill
    from your recommendation . . . and covent garden . . .
    and a hundred wonderful places.

    thank you!

  9. I haven't had a lobster roll since I lived in Boston! On my London restaurant bucket list! Thanks Debi!

  10. Not being from the east coast, I've never had a lobster roll before. Yours looked quite delicious, I must admit. Have you had a Byron burger before? - tastes like home :)

  11. That burger looks amazing!! This is so going on my list!!