Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Keep Calm--It's Christmas Time in the City

We're back in Houston now for the holiday stretch, but before leaving London, I immersed myself into as much Christmas spirit as I could. It's always so festive in the city, even earlier than the States because there's no pause button for Thanksgiving to push. The stores are full of ornaments for the picking,

and the shelves are full of Christmas magazines. Am I the only one who could just spend oodles of pounds and dollars on all the festive publications this time of the year?

Make sure you have your London themed stockings,

and your royal crackers,

and don't get caught waiting too late to mail your letters to Santa!

The selection of sweets this time of the year are ever so tempting,

and almost too pretty to eat!

I debated about this gingerbread Tower Bridge

and Big Ben, before deciding they might not survive the air trip home.

We wandered Regent and Oxford Street for a little color and lights,

and found ourselves a wee bit perplexed about the Oxford Street sponsors this year--

Marmite--You Either Love It or Hate It.

Where do you stand on that question?

Always a favorite, we loved the sparkly windows of Selfridge's

and as a special touch, a Gingerbread Selfridge's complete with the Queen's Corgis.

Coming up soon, Harrod's interpretation of Christmas.


  1. How I wish I could spend a Christmas holiday in London - thanks for spreading some cheer our way, Debi! xxoo

  2. Enjoy the Christmas holiday with all of your family.
    Your photos are lovely - love it!!! brought up on it.

  3. Marmite??? The sludge at the bottom of the beer barrel on toast...Some love it but I will stick to fudge and divinity for my Christmas treat! Love the picture of the Post Box... cute holiday pictures of London!

  4. Always love your pictures.! I spent 9 days in London this summer and wish I could experience Christmas there!

  5. Hi Debi,

    I would so love to be there for the holiday season. At least for a few days to soak in the atmosphere. I remember how darn cold it can be. :)

    I admit to liking Marmite but not Bovril. Not sure why it's the featured decoration, though!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  6. Look at you, girlfriend, up to 158 followers and no telling how many more reading you elsewhere! No surprise since you continue to turn out great posts like this. Thanks for sharing the festive spirit of London.

    Marmite?!! A new one on me!! I'll just stick with Lupe's best. Hal got Mike's package today. Such a unique gift and lovely note.

    Love you both,

  7. Hi Debi, I think you are not the only one who spends pounds and dollars on the magazines etc, maybe because they are different to the American ones, .. I steer well away from magazines this time of year, they are just all the same .. pushing and pushing gifts etc, I buy magazines that I can read , with NO christmas things in them .. LOL .. Yes Christmas is pushed to us , far toooo early , it has lost all the appeal we think .. the shops are told to put it out there in September in some places ... sorry for being a party pooper :-) .... I DO LOVE MARMITE, but goodness knows why they are sponsers.....

    But I do wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS .. and a very merry Christmas and a Happy New year .xox

  8. Must say I hate Marmite but love your pictures.