Friday, December 7, 2012

Don't Count Calories in Poland!

Shortly after our London group's arrival in Krakow, we made a bee-line for lunch, of course, since many of us had been awake since 4 AM and Easyjet airlines offers no complimentary snacks nor drinks en route, thank you very much.

Just across from the salt mines we all settled in for a nice lunch in a cozy little restaurant which was our first clue that the food in Poland was not going to disappoint us. We started off with soup in a bread pot...

yummy mushroom soup to warm us up, and 

then it was time to check out the pierogis that Poland is known for. Our choice was a traditional and simple stuffing of potatoes and cheese, but the little dumplings so popular in a lot of eastern Europe can be filled with sauerkraut, mushrooms, meats, cheeses, or even fruits for a sweet finish.

It was a first for me--you don't see pierogis on a menu in Texas, but we knew it wouldn't be our last sampling during our stay.

For me dinner that night was an easy choice, since I love wienerschnitzel, which is translated as Kotlet Schabowy in Poland, and is one of the most popular comfort foods.

Polish cooking is hearty and filling, with a heavy emphasis on cream and eggs.

We had our second helping of pierogis that night for dinner--felt it was our responsibility, naturally, to compare this national dish everywhere we went, and they were just as good as our first sampling.

You can't count calories in Poland--spaetzle, more of a German dumpling, was also a side dish that  night for our table.

Probably our best meal in Krakow was in the Jewish quarter our second night when our group of 4 dined on turkey cutlets with cranberry sauce,

tender steak with fluffy potatoes and bearnaise sauce,

and pork with cherry sauce. Everything was over the top delicious!

Shortly before we flew out on Sunday evening, we stumbled onto a charming restaurant on the town square

where Hubby had smothered pork and cabbage, along with potatoes too, of course,

and I took advantage of the opportunity to have Kotlet Schabowy one more time. It was plated with German potato salad. Let me tell you, those Polish people eat a lot of potatoes in all forms and fashions.

I can't leave this topic without mentioning that the pretzel stands were everywhere for a quick snack,

but our most unusual find of all was fried broccoli on McDonald's menu. 
Not what I would order every time, but it was interesting to the taste buds.

We were surprised at the quality and the affordability of our meals there--a lot for not much money!

Polish restaurants in London are not that hard to find, and since coming back to Houston, I've checked out a listing of area restaurants, and was pleasantly surprised to find we have one here too. Sounds worth investigating to me!

Until then, I'm going to check my grocers' freezer section. Rumor has it that there are frozen pierogis nestled in among the appetizers. Let me know if you've tried them!


  1. the type of pierogi with patatos that you had is called here "ruskie" which means "Russian":)

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  2. This looks so yummy and warming. The perfect winter food :) I love pierogis and soup - you are giving me ideas for dinner this week!

    I mentioned you on my blog today :) Have a great weekend! XOLaura

  3. In our Russian culture we make similar food. Perogie and vareniki and pelemeny. The perogie have a more bread like dough with a surprise in the middle kind of like a pasties. The vareneki and pelemeny are more ravioli like with different fillings. Our Costco here in Seattle carries perogie and so do our grocery stores in the frozen section and they are more similar to what you ate in Poland. Now I'm really hungry.

  4. linda from the woodlands, tx.
    i have gotten perogies at krogers. for frozen, they are pretty good. i boil them like ravoli and then put some butter in a pan and lightly saute them. enjoy your blog so much.

  5. i enjoy your european adventures so much.
    our daughter just returned from her semester
    in london and had the most wonderful time!

    we are very happy to have her back on US
    soil, though. :)

  6. Loved the cute little pretzel stand.