Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Windows into Paris

There are two major department stores in Paris known world wide for their Christmas displays. This year they chose complete opposite themes for their windows, but both are show stoppers with their animation.

Printemps chose a Russian theme complete with classical Russian music and dancers.

The children were amazed by all the activity and beautiful colors.

My favorite of all the windows I've seen this year, London and Paris both, are the windows at the Galleries Lafayette department store.

Noël Gourmand is their theme, with the bears taking over in a delicious way.

Like "les petits enfants," I was enthralled with all their activity.

It only seemed fitting that the bears would have sweets on their mind in this season of the year.
Enjoy the 30 second video below which is just a small peek into all the animation.


  1. Each day I call Scott in here to see Christmas in London and Paris. Because we just got back from both cities, we feel a real part of your blog. Thanks for sharing. We have enjoyed it so much.

    Our favorite are the Mona Lisa Eyes eclairs... unbelievable!

    Have a great Christmas!

  2. Thanks, Debi! I doubt I'll ever actually see Paris at Christmas, so this was such a treat! I actually never even thought about what it would be like, so this was very interesting to me. We were in Hawaii in December, though, and it had it's own uniqueness, too, which was fun. Polynesian santas and tinsel EVERYwhere...even wrapped around babies' heads and trees along the if to make up for the lack of Christmassy atmosphere, like cold weather and snow.
    Thanks for giving me such a beautiful tour of "Christmas in Paris"!