Thursday, December 24, 2009

Swan Lake

Probably my favorite store in all of London is Fortnum and Mason. Today I close out my Christmas blogs, by inviting you in for a peek inside, as well as a tour of its incredible windows.

Being greeted at the oak doors is just one of the unique touches of entering this quintessential English store which has been around since 1707.

Upon entering, you are amazed at all the store has to offer. Their Christmas theme this year is Swan Lake,

as seen in their decor.

Feathers float down through the center of the store.

The story of Swan Lake is told in the window displays, as I quote,
"The Prince awakes with ghastly scream.
A giant swan has filled his dream.

The Queen acknowledges the crowds below.
Her son his feelings cannot show.

The ballet--brash and quite outré-
Just like his girlfriend on display.

He haunts the bars and clubs at night.
Seeking escape in forbidden delight.

The lonely prince with the saddest face
Finds love at last in the sun's embrace.

The palace ball will end this tale
Of love desired, and doomed to fail."
Now to leave you on such a sad note would not be a kind thing, so let me invite you to take an online virtual tour of the store guided by a lovely British voice. You can find it here at Fortnum and Mason. I promise you it will be a treat.

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  1. I love it how the French and English always get a theme going. It has such impact, and has a way of zeroing in on the decorations. I might try that next year... remind me I said that around July, and I will say, "What in the world are you talking about?" Ha ha.

    Love it,