Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jordan's Ready for Christmas

It's a very special Christmas year when you have a two year old granddaughter. Her excitement and jumping-for-joy enthusiasm are contagious. We can't wait to share the day with her, but the anticipation has been just as much fun as Christmas Day itself.

First there was decorating to do at Gigi's house,

and special kisses from one angel to another.

With her help on wrapping packages,

we got those spools of ribbon unrolled in lightning time!

Mickey Mouse cling-ons were a lot of fun,

and work better with little licks, of course.

And then the time came to meet Santa. Our annual Breakfast with Santa at our church provided a chance for her to visit the man in red.

Since he was such a scary guy,

we watched him from afar to check him out. That was some good "huggin" I was getting! And then it was her time to meet him face to face.

Well, maybe not face to face exactly, since she never gave him a look, but at least we got in the vicinity.

May the magic of the season as seen through the eyes of the child be yours and your loved ones.
Joy to the World!


  1. Such precious, precious photos! Christmas is so special with our little ones.

  2. So cute! Jordan is adorable.

    From one Gigi to another, who knows if anyone wants to see our granddaughters or not... but we do!!!!!

    Love it!