Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hope for Haiti's Children

This past week, all of us have been captured by the horrific news of the earthquake in Haiti, and our hearts are pained as we view the reports coming out of this saddened country. I feel a heightened interest in the plight of the people there, since an organization we love called Hope for Haiti's Children is so close to my heart. Since coming to our church just over a year ago, our current minister has introduced us all to this worthy organization. As president of this non-profit group, he has shared so many stories of life in this impoverished country through his travels and involvement. As a result, we are all big supporters of the children living there.

Even before the earthquake, it was estimated that there were over 300,000 orphans in the country. HFHC coordinates an orphanage in Port au Prince, and oversees the sponsorship of 725 children in nine different schools. Medical mission trips are a focus as well, and just yesterday, a plane took several doctors and nurses to the area to see where they could serve. I am very prayerful for the group who has arrived there, and for my friends who are bravely enduring adverse conditions to help save lives.

This photo was taken in happier times. Those who sponsor children there with a monthly pledge through this organization are praying daily and hoping that their child is alive and safe. I ask that you join us in that effort. More current information and updates from the program director can be found at their website here. If you have the heart to help, and want to find a reliable, established place that will go forward in helping the children of Haiti, you can find a place to donate on their site.


  1. Bonjour Debi,
    Everything you said is so true. Thank you for letting us know about HFHC, it's hard to find reputable organisations that you are confident will truly use the money to benefit the people who and in such great distress and suffering.
    Take care!

  2. that you for sharing about this missions organization and for crying
    out for these children.

  3. sooner or later you have to do something for these children not nien anything or anyone to give them an opportunity...