Friday, January 22, 2010

Motel 6 It's Not

I posted recently about our stay in Los Cabos at The Palmilla Resort, one of the properties of the One and Only Luxury Resorts. I'll be the first to admit that we were totally lucky--blessed-- fortunate, call it what you will, to have been invited to stay there, because this spot of paradise is definitely a step above anything we've ever experienced.  It was the third time we have been privileged to go there for business conferences, and every time we've gone, it just gets better and better. Here a a few things that make it stand out as a "One and Only."  Starting with the ocean at your feet just outside of the balcony, the couch invites a nap as you relax to the sounds of the ocean waves.

How can you go wrong with breakfast delivered to your door and set up with an ocean view?

Each guest has at his beckon call a personal butler. Meet Oscar and Juan. These were our butlers during our visit. They would do anything for you, even unpack your bags (no thank you, I'll put away my own unmentionables, please) or arrange for a delicious packed lunch for the air flight home.

Included in your welcome is a free pressing for two garments, but when I asked for an iron and ironing board, I was brought an "ironing kit, " which included a lint brush, spray starch, and lavender scented spray mist by L'Occitane, a favorite French product of mine.

Each day a fruit delivery appears at your door, which you select from a fruit menu, as well as an afternoon snack of your choice, just at dusk.

No mini toiletry bottles, here mind you. You'll find Lady Primrose Blue Agave scented gel, soap, and hair products. They even delivered mouthwash and floss on the second evening. Hope that wasn't just for the guests who needed it!

They employ a lot of people on this resort, and that's a good thing, right? We were helping to stimulate their economy. Wonder who teaches the tissue and toilet paper accordion folding class for the new recruits? Every time we left the room, we'd come back to "decorated" tissue and toilet paper.

At bed each evening, we were to select the turndown aromatherapy blend that appealed to us. I was all about the Calm choice of ylang ylang, but who was I fooling? How could you be anything but calm in that environment?

A slipper pouch by your bed, madame...

and your robe, should you need it, along with your chocolate truffle, romantic music and candles lit in the room and on the patio. Sweet dreams!

As for the beach and pool service, I can't imagine a finer service.

Refreshing cold towels, water on ice, meals and drinks just for the asking, oxygen shots, wake up calls should you blissfully drift asleep, coconut yogurt treats, mini fruit popsicles, spritzing with water, and the biggest perk of the weekend....

Free foot massages by the pool. Take me away!!!


  1. Wow!!! How awesome for y'all!
    Love you guys!
    Allison Fuller

  2. I am swooning as I type. Thank you for that insider scoop (still I think my favorite was your Christmas party at the Ritz, but keep 'em coming, please). ANd that pic of the cocktail on the beach is like a resort ad. So glad y'all had a wonderous time. Blessings! JennyN

  3. Wow!
    But tell me you didn't take the photo during your foot massage. Only a Blogger...

  4. I feel like I just got back from a mini vacation.

  5. Seriously....... and I thought The Ritz Carlton was nice!

    Oh my... a true dreamy vacation. You are blessed! So happy you get to experience such cool stuff... and share with us.

    But I must ask...what is an oxygen shot???

  6. Teri,
    So glad that I'm not the only one who who clueless about them. Look here at for a little more info. I didn't get one while I was there, but maybe I should have. I could always use a burst of energy!


  7. What a beautiful place! It seems even more like a fairytale after living up north in all the snow...