Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's World Cup Time!

World Cup Fever is upon us. England is pumped--how about the US? England vs. US game is televised on ABC at 12:30 Central time today.

England has the spirit! Catch it, USA!


  1. Ha Ha! You beat me to it....going to a Chelsea pub tonight for "a pint of lager, grub, and football". Should be exciting!

  2. We are certainly in the swing of things over here too! My son, Big Al just posted the coca cola song on his new blog and when my sister's boys came over for dinner all they wanted to do was play soccer! My hubby has even set the alarm to wake up at 4AM to watch the Australia vs Germany game-he'd better not wake me up!

    Best wishes and happy Sunday,

  3. You are way better than any history teacher! Love the visuals, and descriptive writing! You, Ms Debi, have 'the gift', and I'm so happy to be a beneficiary of it!