Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sloane in Bloom

Packing up again to leave London and return to Houston, our home for a few weeks. We've had a great stay this time, with parties at Hampton Court, Kensington Palace, Chelsea Flower Show and a long weekend trip to St. Petersburg, Russia which I'll post about in the days to come. Of course, in the midst of it all, Mike's been finding time to work, which is the reason we are here, of course. Just to close out on the excitement of last week's Chelsea Flower Show, I'll leave you with a few photos of the stores in the area who were caught up in the floral spirit. They were all participating in the annual Sloane in Bloom competition. Sloane Street is a major shopping street here in Chelsea. First, Jo Malone was decked out in flowers both inside....

and out. They introduced a new cologne called White Tie and Tiara, with a percentage of the proceeds going to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Paule Ka had a romantic feel to their display.

I thought Cartier's exhibit was fascinating. The stem of the flower went from the outside to inside the window and back out again.

Smythson's display was fun and much like an English country garden.

Lulu Guiness is always whimsical.

Tiffany's was spectacular and very elegant.

But my favorite of all, was French Sole with its floral ballet slipper shoes. So sweet!
May your days also be blessed with the beauty of flowers around you.


  1. I have loved all of these Chelsea pictures-my favourite part of London for sure!

    Have a safe trip home! See you back in Houston.

    Best wishes,

  2. Wowzers! These pics are great! London to me is such a storytelling city as it is with it's history and literary life that images like these just seem to make it magical. Plus I have been in such a London/English mood with all my Harry Potter reading and a re-viewing of the movies this weekend with the kiddos. HEY--We are actually going to be going through Houston on July 3rd. We want to try a pub there called the Red Lion, on our way to a family 4th reunion in Baytown. What will you be up to? Have a safe trip home and can't wait to hear about Russia...intriguing.

  3. I just love how the Londoners go all out for these displays, and I never get tired of pictures with beautiful flowers so keep 'em coming!

    I'm certainly looking forward to your posts about Russia as you definitely have a gift for telling the story with pictures in a delightful way.

    By the way, the London online guide (schmap.com) that contacted me about using my pictures of Trafalgar square and from Fortnum & Mason from my Flickr account did end up posting them. They are among many other photos but I'm proud to be a published photographer now ... hah! It seems to be a pretty good site for general info you might want to share with future guests.

  4. Oh this was so fun!
    I like Joe Malones and French Sole the best. How thrilling to see such creativity! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Deb, I can't tell you what a treat these posts are!! Absolutely gorgeous and makes me feel I was there, if even for a few moments. Thank you so much for your time and effort in sharing them! :) – g

  6. Hi Deb,

    What magical posts you have. The pictures just draw me in. Years ago, i was fortunate to spend some time in Russia (The Soviet Union at that time). i can't wait to read your posts. Even though it was winter and very cold, I loved St. Petersburg.

    Safe journey to you.

  7. Love it! I love seeing other's imagination and the obvious joy these people had in coming up with the ideas, and executing them.

    Thanks so much for sharing what we might not otherwise be able to see. :)

  8. what lovely images of gorgeous storefronts
    and floral displays.

    oh, london in early summer!

  9. hello... loved coming across this article and seeing your comments .. i worked with a great team on the cartier window and to see peoples appriciation of it makes all our hard work worth it ;0) .. thank you x

  10. What a treat! London sure knows how to make special days even more enchanting.