Monday, June 7, 2010

Little Venice

Just north of Paddington, where the Grand Union and Regents Canals meet, is a lovely oasis of waterways and residences called Little Venice.

An enjoyable way to spend a sunny afternoon is to stroll up and down the canals on the tow path, or to take a leisurely boat ride. You feel like you are miles from the congestion of London. In either direction from the Little Venice area, you can walk for a mile or more.

The canals are home to waterside cafes and pubs which beckon you to stop for a bit of refreshment along the way.

The area, first named "Little Venice" by Robert Browning, includes an exclusive residential area of 10 tree lined streets with white stucco houses, each 5 or 6 stories high. These properties remain highly desirable by some homeowners with big pockets. 

Others have chosen to live a simpler lifestyle, though not a life one would consider inexpensive. Houseboats line the canals--some moored for a long stay, and others a bit more temporary.

Houseboat living brings new meaning to the term Baby on Board. What do you think--would this be the life for you?


  1. AH, London. Always so full of surprises. Hope you aren't sweltering in the Texas heat.

  2. That looks very pleasant indeed for an afternoon ride through the canal. Would I like that for an abode? Even though it's on the water, I am thinking that I would feel a little claustrophobic.