Monday, August 23, 2010

Destination weddings

Have you ever been to a destination wedding?   A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I jetted west to Pebble Beach for the wedding of some good friends.
It was only the second destination wedding we had ever been to, unless you count that time we went to Enid, Oklahoma for a big wedding.

This time, we were ecstatic at the chance of spending some time in Pebble Beach

and Carmel, while joining our friends for their nuptials.

Mike was thrilled that the morning activities included golf  at Pebble Beach

where we were staying. Here's a view of the 18th hole.

I wouldn't be completely honest if I led you to believe if was beautiful and sunny while we were there, like the first pictures indicate. We saw the sun for a total of about two hours during our stay there in Pebble.
It seems that when inland California is extremely hot, the chances are higher for fog in Pebble Beach along the coast.


So even though it was foggy and cool at wedding time on the lawn of the 18th hole,

all it took was the arrival of the bride to completely brighten up the day.

Next stop--charming Carmel, just a stone's throw away.
Stay tuned.


  1. Gorgeous location! I'll be in Colorado Springs for a wedding in Oct. Does that count?

  2. We are planning our own destination wedding... I hope there are more photo's to come!

  3. Buongiorno Debi, this is a magnificent place where you can have fun and relax!

  4. More pictures please! I'll bet it was a beautful setting with first class arrangements!

  5. what a wonderful site for a destination wedding. after
    throwing a giant wedding for our first daughter, my
    husband is urging the next two daughters to have a
    destination wedding.

    it made me smile to think of enid, oklahoma as a
    destination, because that is pretty close to our neck
    of the woods . . . and not exactly a vacation spot. :)

  6. Guessing that either the bride or broom, or both are golfers. By any chance did anyone play through?

    Carmel, a true delight. At least it was when I was there - oh my goodness, it was almost 40 years ago! Time does fly. I was traveling with two other girls across the United States and Carmel was one of our stops.
    Will be interested in seeing NEW pictures.

  7. Gorgeous! Now you are in my neck of the woods. I grew up very near Carmel...I adore it, it's gorgeous - but you are right, it is foggy and cool there alot, especially this summer! Glad you enjoyed it! I thought of you as I was strolling thru London, I came across one of the patiesseries you had on your blog in the Kensington area (I'm pretty sure that was the area..) xxoo :)

  8. Wow, I've been to Pebble Beach several times but never heard of a wedding on the 18th! How amazing. Look forward to the photos of Carmel. Thanks for sharing, Debi.

  9. How beautiful are these pictures of the bride and Pebble Beach! Never had to jet to a wedding but maybe someday...hope it is in Italy. hahaha
    I bet your hubby loved the golf course it looks fantastic.
    Sorry you did not have as much sun as you would of liked.
    Thanks honey for stopping by my site and leaving me such a sweet comment. I really appreciate you

  10. Yes, the bride and the groom both golfed on their wedding day, had lunch with all of us, and two hours later were ready for photos and the nuptials. True love.


  11. What a wonderful idea -destination weddings - and in sucvh a fabulous location. So pleased you enjoyed it Debi - I guess it's like a mini holiday for all the guests.

  12. Just gorgeous!! A few of my friends from California did the Pebble Beach wedding too. :)