Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jordan Celebrates

Today's a big day in Jordan's life. As most of you know, I've mentioned that Jordan, along with her mommy and daddy, have been living with us in our Houston home for several months after selling their house and waiting to find just the right place for their new home. Today, they are celebrating the closing on a new house. Jordan is going to get a new room very soon, and this house will become a lot quieter, and not nearly as much fun.

I thought today would be a good day to share a sweet video I took of her yesterday. She is quite creative these days, making up impromptu songs, dances and being very imaginative with all the "toys" in the Tupperware drawer.  I'm giving her mommy and daddy fair warning--when the moving day comes, don't be surprised if she shows up AWOL, because this Gigi is not sure she can let her go so easily. After all, she's going to be living a whole 20 minutes away soon!

As always, if you would like to see a wider screen, click once and then once again.


  1. Oh, she is the cutest ever!!! I love how happy she is, and what an imagination. You are truly blessed to have this little one in your life.

  2. This is an adorable post. I love the picture at the top of Jordan with her daddy. And the video--how priceless. I love the pauses for "drinks" from your tupperware. Just asking....did you wash all the tupperware before putting it away?? What fun times we are having, Gigi!!

  3. Oh my, your house is going to feel empty for awhile. At least she will only be 20 minutes away, but that is not the same as looking up to see her impromtu frolics, or hear her coming through the house. I imagine that Jordan will have lots of spend-the-nights at Gigi's.

  4. How adorable is this precious granddaughter.
    I know things will not be the same after the move.
    Thank you so much for joining my site

  5. She's just gorgeous and you will miss her when she moves to her new home.
    Beautiful post! have a lovely week-end.

  6. What a sweetie. I love watching a little one in their own little work singing and having a grand old time. You will have an empty house, but she will still be close!
    Bon week-end,

  7. How wonderful that her song lyrics talk about her friends and family. What a sweet girl she is!!! :)

  8. Oh Debi,
    That made my day! I have about 2 minutes this morning before heading out and when i saw the picture, it drew me in. The video is precious and Jordan is too.
    She reminds me of Annika (4 next week). Annika is always singing and dancing. Last year when they moved to Monterey, I wanted to hold them all captive-hehe.
    Enjoy! Only 20 minutes.....big sigh.

  9. She is just precious!My son, who is now grown up was always singing and never stopped! He is majoring in vocal performance! I hope she always keeps singing!

    Yes, us Debi's do need to stick together!


  10. Having raised two sons like you, I dream of the day I have a little "princess" like Jordan to light up my life too. So precious!

  11. She's so precious, Debi! I can see why you're going to miss her – she brightens up the room so. Thanks for sharing these joyful moments. – g

  12. Thanks for the smiles. I love her confidence, that her song is just perfect.
    Also... she is adorable... hello!
    Thanks for sharing.