Saturday, July 2, 2011

A London Playroom

Just getting home from a wonderful holiday--Budapest, Provence, and Paris, so there will be many photos and stories in the days to come, but while I catch my breath and regroup, here are some photos of a project I'm working on for my Houston house. 
I have two delightful grandchildren now--Jackson, who is 10 weeks and Jordan who is 3. This "Gigi" has accumulated a "few" things for them to play with when they visit her house, so I decided to turn their playroom into a  "London" themed room.

Jordan sleeps in a "big-girl" bed in another room, 

but Jackson needs his own crib for sweet dreams. Bedding and curtains from Target.

It was fun collecting some decorative items, such as the Union Jack bunting and Cath Kidston Royal Wedding tea towel used to decorate one wall.

The inspiration came from a Cath Kidston wallpaper print that I found in London, which shows several of the major sights around town.

Shelves from Target helped get all the toys off the floor and organized.

You'll see a few inexpensive items I've picked up at some of the souvenir shops in London,

along with a children's London Ludo game from the White Company.

And no London playroom is complete without a London telephone booth--an unexpected find at the Garden Pottery store near me in Houston.
I'm thinking we have some great times ahead of us in our London room. What do you think?


  1. Hello Debi .. Lucky lucky grandchildren to get their own room .. It looks fabulous and as you love London and the Uk so much, it is all very apt :-) :-)

  2. I love the telephone booth!! How cool!

  3. Debi, This room is incredible. What lucky children Jordan and Jackson to have you and Mike as their Grandparents! Love, Sharon

  4. Dearest Debi,

    YOU are so kind to save my blog posts for a quiet moment; that means so much to me. And look at your world that you have created here. I have been so inspired just in the last several hours by friends who are GIGIS and who have made their grandchildrens' worlds so magical. I LOVE THE LONDON THEME! And how vivid their memories will be of the lovely things and most of all LOVE that surrounds their childhood. HAPPY COLOURFUL FOURTH TO YOU and all those YOU LOVE!

    MANY THANKS and until next time, Anita

  5. What a delightful room you have created for your grandbabies. I really think you have the best room ever for a child to enjoy.
    I know your going to have lots of happy memories made in this room.
    Glad you got to come to Texas for the 4th.
    Hope this heat doesn't get to you too bad. What are the temps in London this time of the year.
    Do you know Sybil who comes to my site she lives in Box which I believe is not too far from London. She is a sweetheart!
    Have a great week

  6. You are the best Gigi ever!
    I would love to have afternoon tea in that room!

  7. AMAZING!!
    Love the phone booth of course.
    I just discovered Kath Kidson last trip to London on Kings Road - adorable!

  8. Love this ... especially the Cath Kidston influence, of course! I also adore the telephone booth. Would loved to have been with you when you came across that find!

  9. That is the cutest room! I really love the wallpaper!

  10. I have spent some time this morning catching up on blogs. I won't comment on every one of your posts, but enjoyed traveling with you and seeing this precious grandchildren room. Aren't we in a fun time in our lives?