Sunday, November 6, 2011

Off to the Races--Antiquing That Is!

One of the favorite activities around our London world is to grab a group of friends and head out to an antique market. That's just what we did recently when we headed by train out to Sunbury for their bi-monthly antique market which is held at Kempton Racecourse.
Sunbury Market is the largest and longest running bi-monthly market in England, having been at this location for over 20 years. Making your way around 700 + booths, both inside and outside, is a bit of a challenge.

It's one of those markets where you really need to go early, opening just after 6 AM, if you want to find the best buys.  We didn't get there quite that early, since we had a bit of a commute from London to the countryside, but we did make it fairly early in the morning. We first headed to the silver booth

of two vendors whom my friends knew, and between the 4 of us bought several things. Some of mine are Christmas gifts, so I won't show you here,

but there were some lovely things to be found.

 I like taking you along on these trips,  so let's start with the porcelain,

tea sets for everyone, then head over

to see some leather,

perhaps a door or two,

or some religious statuary mixed in with a few dress mannequins.

Some of you might be more interested in the furniture,

or maybe props from a burlesque show.

I found several things I could have picked up for Halloween, a fox to greet you at the door,

the 6 million dollar man,

an African statue,

or perhaps some preserved bats!

Or maybe you are already thinking ahead to Christmas and love these old ornaments.

One item we saw over and over again were furs 

of all shapes and sizes. If this winter is as cold as the last, I may wish I had bought one!

Christmas shopping is all about buying toys, 

so don't forget the antique ones.

They're always looking for a good home under the tree!

I leave you with this Scottish lad--wouldn't he be cute amidst your Christmas greens?

So what would you be shopping for, if you come along next time?


  1. The bats and the african statue were the most terrifying! I would love a tea set- practical yet beautiful. The doors were also so pretty. How much did they run for?

  2. The china, the stained glass and doors, the silver. That's where you'd find me! Oh, goodness, Debi, this is such a treat!! Hope you are well – we're back now from Chile, although David has already left for Europe again.

    Wishing you a most wonderful week! – g

  3. so much china-a paradise for me:)

  4. Oh dear friend, your tours are always so wonderful that I want to jump on a plane NOW to go to England. Being a Francophile, I had never really paid close attention to England, but what have I been thinking all this time? I NEED TO GET TO LONDON and also see the countryside...what wonderful wares, EVEN THOSE BATS!!!! Thank you for your kind comments; more and more, people are telling me that my writing is "poetry"...that is what I have been wanting to write, and I guess I am doing it..thank you!