Saturday, November 26, 2011

Moroccan Design

I couldn't help but be captivated by the Moroccan style we saw on our recent trip.

Intricately painted tiles,

geometric patterns, and

beautiful pottery all blend together to make the style so visually pleasing. Moroccan style combines the best of Moorish and European influences, and although the style has been around for centuries, it has recently gained popularity in the US, especially with well known retailers such as West Elm and Pier 1 featuring samplings in their shops.

On this trip, I was particularly fascinated by the doors. This one, with two door knockers, is especially functional. The bottom knocker was for someone on foot--the top one for someone on horseback. 

Note the colors, 


and the carvings

so typical of the region.

Also fascinating to me were the Moroccan lanterns sold everywhere,

many times with colored panes of glass,

and found in all shapes and sizes

at the local souk (market)

or even in the shops on the street.

Just one more fascinating side of the country of Morocco!

Would you ever consider adding a Moroccan touch to your own interiors?

Next blog, the souk--the final installment in my Moroccan series.


  1. I really love this, Debi. The design elements, the patterns, the colors. We love having touches like this in our home, especially since our trips to Chile and Peru. We brought home a lot of very colorful textiles. Thank you for this fascinating tour. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! – g


    My goodness, you are so fortunate to do so much traveling, and in between it all, you find time to blog and visit me. THANK YOU! And yes, finding just that right OBJET QUI PARLE is time consuming, but fun, especially these days when so many lovely handmade items are being sold to the WORLD! I thank you kindly for your sweet words and friendship. ENJOY THE HOLIDAY PREPARATION! Anita

  3. I think the clue to this style is care for details! I like the doors, too

  4. honestly, not before today! you have illuminated the
    beauty of moroccan and made an admirer out of me.
    thank you for bringing such loveliness into my home!

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