Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where are the Signs Pointing You?

So, at the dawn of this new year, what signs are guiding you along your way? Do you have clear directions for the year ahead?

I thought it might be fun to share with you some of the signs I've noticed out and about in London. 

Of course, we all appreciate any extra help we can get crossing the road, when traffic flows opposite from what we are used to in the US.

And if you're walking down a corridor, you should definitely walk like they drive:  on the left side!

And to survive in London, here's the one sign you will depend on every single day--the Tube Map, helping you get from here to there.

I've noticed the British, in their very polite way, always respectfully make requests,

and even make fun suggestions about how to behave while socializing outside a pub.

Always polite, even when mentioning something distasteful!

Here are a few fun ones I've laughed at along the way: Get Your Butties Here,

and this reminder I've shared with you before about priorities.

Sometimes signs can be found in unusual places,

or offering amenities on a cold winter day.

Street signs can leave you wondering,

like this one in my neighborhood. Just who and what is St. Loo--I can only surmise, because I find nothing about its origin online.

But if there really was a Saint of Loos, I'm sure he would be the one passing out these Loo of the Year Awards.

And along that same vein, watch out for slippery walls if you decide to try and climb in without invitation to this toilet.

Warning signs abound throughout London and surrounding areas--watch out for those pedestrians,


and the old bags!

And be especially careful about those free range children running loose!

Some signs are a bit more ominous--enter "dead" slow, to drive home the point!

And I've always found this sign not far from our home a bit ironic if you think about it!

Sad to say, we see these signs fairly regularly at tube stops. Disturbing, don't you agree?

Now I certainly don't want to close on such a depressing thought, so consider this deep and philosophical question as you are reflecting on the new year and making your resolutions.

What if the Hokey Cokey really IS what it's all about?

Yes, my American friends, you always thought is was the Hokey Pokey, but here in England, it's really the Hokey Cokey, mind you! 

Now put your right foot in and your right foot out!


  1. I love the signs in London ~ I am always snapping photos of them!

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  3. I took alot of photos of signs when I was in London even one in the restroom in a pub! Haha. Great signs everywhere. Happy New Year, Debi! xxoo :)

  4. Thanks for making me smile first thing in the morning, I sure I will pay more attention to all these signs here in future ;-) xo

  5. This was one of my all-time favorite posts of yours. The Hokey Cokey made me laugh out loud! Perfect conclusion! Thanks for you kind comment on my post. Love ya! (Let's get planning!)

  6. Loved reading the signs. Made me want to see if I can find any funny signs in my part of the world. You must take your camera with you everywhere.

  7. I AM HILARIOUSLY AMUSED HERE....Oh my goodness, that was a good laugh to the point that I am coughing here! I LOVE THE BRITISH. I LOVE how we both speak the same language, but NOT REALLY!!!! This was a hoot my dear! THANK YOU for giving me a chuckle today. And thank you so very much for your visit and most kind words. I did loose a colleague a few days ago, and going to the memorial was a beautiful thing, seeing our former students and parents and THE LOVE ooze out. Makes you stand up at attention and reminds you that all that you do and say MATTERS.

    CARRY ON! Anita

  8. I wonder if I could still put my right foot in and my right foot out and shake it all about. hahaha I just might try today won't to join me.
    Gosh what an interesting post but what am I saying girlfriend you always have interesting post. I love coming over here.
    So many signs and some I did not get. Like the one near your home.
    Glad I came by here today.