Sunday, January 29, 2012

You Just Never Know

We've had some beautiful weather days in London lately, and when you set off for your daily "adventure," you just never know what will catch your eye along the way. This time, I was headed to the Museum of London, another one of my favorite museums in London, for a special exhibit on Charles Dickens in honor of his 200th birthday. London is celebrating him in a big way this year, as if we didn't already have enough reasons to celebrate with the Summer Olympics and the Queen's Jubilee Year.

Taking the bus to get to the museum, we stepped off at St.Paul's Cathedral, which was sparkling in the winter sun,

and crossed the street to the One New Change retail complex which has recently opened in the shadow of the cathedral. Restaurants and shopping--we could have easily been sidetracked for more than just lunch, but we were looking forward to getting a bit of culture!

The One New Change modernist building has 6,500 glass panes of varying shades, and creates a surprising optical illusion that caught us off guard.

The day before while strolling around, we passed by the Horse Guard parade, in the midst of a changing of the guard,

we circled by the pond at St. James Park where the resident pelican was preening her feathers, gazing at her own reflection,

but the most amazing serendipity of our winter walk home was the remarkable view we got when passing by Big Ben, as the afternoon sun spotlighted the clock tower and a rainbow popped into the sky reminding us to always look up, always look around. There are treasures to be found at every turn.


  1. Beautiful photographs!! Don't you love when the camera catches something wonderful?

  2. Beautiful outing, Debi! Love the Big Ben photo! xxoo

  3. The rainbow was exquisite! Beautiful photography....I'd like to these on the cover of the AWCLUB program!

  4. You just take the most amazing shots, Debi!!! I was there (a few years ago...) and saw some of the same sights but never got those shots. You are a wonderful photographer!

  5. LOVE the Big Ben photo! I second Holly's suggestion of submitting it for the AWC newsletter.

  6. That last shot is gorgeous! So pretty!

  7. Serendipity~
    It might be... but you take advantage of every moment!

  8. Your rainbow picture is one of my favorites. EVER.