Friday, February 10, 2012

Chinese New Year-London style

Festivities celebrating the Chinese New Year have just drawn to a close, and London's party is the largest Chinese celebration outside of China.

Marking the Year of the Dragon, the largest festival took place on January 29 with a parade, shows and then capped off with a fireworks display.

After attending the Charles I commemoration that same day, I made my way over to Chinatown, in the SoHo area, which occupies several streets in and around Gerrard Street.

The crowds were the biggest I've seen since the Royal Wedding, as thousands packed the streets looking for some fun.

Since Chinatown boasts over 100 restaurants in a spread of a couple of streets, there are plenty of options for delicious cuisine.

Lines into restaurants were quite long, so street food

was a popular choice of the day, even though the temperatures were quite nippy.

Plenty of shopping options also,

with so many colors

to draw you in.

I came back the following week for a luncheon with  friends from the American Women's Club to one of of our favorite places, Mr. Kong's,

which has been serving tasty food for over 25 years in this spot.

Crispy duck was a crowd favorite

along with a huge selection of seafood, chicken and beef.

2012--the Year of the Dragon. The dragon symbolizes power, strength and good luck, so I'm wishing some of that rubs off on you.

Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. So lively! Big cities have so much to offer.

  2. Wow that looks like a fun time. Chinatown is one of our go to places while in London - will have to check out Mr Kongs! Thanks for sharing, Debi! Great photos! xxoo


    It is so funny that I would see this post because first of all, it has slipped my mind that it was Chinese New Years, but I just read "THE LAST DRAGON" to my students on Friday. It was a great story to remind us to WORK TOGETHER to keep our traditions alive. WOW what a crowd here! And that food, my goodness, I adore Asian cuisine. Thank you for visiting me and may you and your PRINCE live happily ever after....Anita

  4. Just amazing, Debi! Such a festive atmosphere and not what's expected in London. But that's what makes it such a great city.

    Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

  5. Aw honey I hope a lot of the luck rubs off on me this year. lol
    Just about thirty minutes ago I was making lunch and thinking of you. I thought I wonder where she is today and what interesting thing is she touring. Then I come to check my blog and you were on there with a comment to me. Now when this happens it always makes me wonder. hahaha
    Anyway love this post. I never would have guessed that London was second with their Chinese celebration only to China. I learn so much from your site and travels.
    I hope honey you had a very nice Valentines Day.
    Sending you good thoughts and love