Thursday, February 2, 2012

Off with His Head!

January 29th marks the anniversary of the execution of King Charles I in 1629,

and every year, the English Civil War Society

commemorates the event with a ceremony,

when they gather armed and dressed in authentic 17th century style. 

Both the members of the Royalist armies and the townspeople

 bring history alive by re-enacting events of the turbulent English Civil Wars

Here are a few photos of my favorite characters soldiers.

Can you tell they enjoy playing their roles?

This gentleman was "way into" his role.

A dashing smile

sporting a bit of lace.

Seems a bit of lace

was quite the fashion of the day.

The clergyman read from a book of prayers and blessings that was as old as the monarch himself,

and at one point in his exhortation, he stirred up the "kings army,"

but as he kept going, the soldiers

displayed a general lack of enthusiasm,

and he kept going and going and going,

to the point that it's a wonder they were able to march out on their own two feet.

Ceremony over--it's time to catch the bus!

Leaving behind another group of characters in stylized costume who had come to observe the historical events of the day.
The British Red Hatters, that partying group of over 50's who wear purple with red hats, making history of their own.


  1. I love how you caught the soldiers dozing off standing there during the minister's reading! Times haven't changed that much, have they?

  2. What a fun event to watch! It looks like they were really into it and if you use your imagination.....

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  3. And just where are you in these pictures of characters...hahaha
    After all these years they still celebrate this in their country. Amazing! You really captured some great pic's and yes they do look like their really into it.
    Would love to visit England someday
    Hope you have a great week wherever you are honey. lol
    Love ya