Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Photo courtesy of Steve Almassey

For almost 6 months, the London hubbies had planned a get-away weekend to the Six Nations Rugby match between England and Scotland, which was held at Murray Field this year in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Photo courtesy of Steve Almassey

Something about sitting in below freezing temperatures watching guys in short shorts kick a ball around,

and hanging out with men in skirts, was something they had anticipated for months.


The guys seemed a bit surprised when we gals made our own plans for a week-end get-away to The Grove resort. Surely they didn't expect us to sit around town and wait on them to get back, when there was a spa calling our names!
The Grove, set in Hertfordshire, England, is a luxury hotel, golf and spa resort just outside of London.

Once inside, we were amazed at the modern decor, considering this was originally a Georgian mansion and former home of the earls of Clarendon. During the 1800's, the elite would head to this country estate for some partying.

In fact, both Queen Victoria and Captain Cook were guests here. The 5th Earl of Clarendon became Queen Victoria's "aide de camp," her personal secretary, and he began the tradition of entertaining the Queen and her entourage on weekends, a custom, which The Times soon dubbed "weekending."

Our "weekending" experience began with hot tea in front of a warm fire,

which extended into lunch,

and conversation until time to head to the spa.

After relaxing massages and some "down time" at the spa's facilities, we dressed for dinner, which was an elaborate and tasty buffet.

Then the magic began. As we sat in front of the fire chatting, it began to snow,

and this is what we woke up to the next morning.

Three hundred acres of white bliss,

no one playing golf today,

just relaxing and learning what "weekending" is really all about.


  1. That looks like a brilliant weekend... I would much rather weekend with y'all than with the guys!

    1. Debi...what happened to the rest of the pig? Perhaps it was on your plate? :) Sue

  2. Great memories! Great photos! The tennis courts under that snow could be calling me back in the spring!

  3. Oh my ... time with girlfriends at a spa with great food and a lovely atmosphere ... and then waking up to snow outside. That would be a "dream" weekend for me for sure!

  4. The color of those flowers, THAT PIG, that magic dearest, TOTAL MAGIC!!!!!! Oh my, you do travel a lot, but you have made such good friends and memories! THANK YOU for your kind words this morning. Here it is sunny and cool, but certainly not the typical Minnesota winter. Spring will be here soon. Enjoy the day! Anita